Newsletter No. 79

CUHK Newsletter 2 No. 79 4th December 1995 Comment from Senior Administration Recent Developments in the University Health Service From the Acting Director, University Health Service Apart from providing primary medical care to University members, the University Health Service has launched several preventive programmes in recent years and made new developments in the provision of basic services: Hepatitis B Awareness Programme The hepatitis B awareness programme, run biannually, aims to heighten vigilance against the long-term sequelae of hepatitis B viral infection and provide prevention against such infection. It comprises an exhibition, a serological screening of hepatitis B surface antigen (HbsAg) and hepatitis B antibody (HbsAb), and the administration of hepatitis B vaccines. Both latter services are offered by private firms at very reasonable charges. It is hoped that the long-term incidence of liver cancer and chronic liver diseases will be reduced by this preventive programme. Urine Screening and Blood Pressure Check-up Urine screening for protein and sugar, and blood pressure check-ups are provided for staff and their spouses above 50 years of age. These screening tests are conducted yearly and, if manpower is available, half- yearly. Clients are asked to return for further check-up should any abnormality be detected. Papanicoloau Smear Screening Automated microscopic scanning machines of the Papnet System have recently taken over the duty of cervical smear screening, that is, the examination of cells scraped from the uterine cervix. Tiles of suspicious areas are then selected for scrutiny by a cytologist. The change to computer screening is expected to reduce human error in the routine examination of a large number of microscopic slides. First-aid Courses The University Health Service and the University Laboratory Safety Office jointly organized several first-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses for laboratory personnel. The courses were conducted by a lecturer of the St. John Ambulance Brigade and first-aid certificates were awarded to attendants on passing an examination. A similar course has been arranged for security staff. It is hoped that more first-aid classes will be run for interested University members to update their knowledge and skills in managing simple medical emergencies. Video-viewing Centre To keep up with medical knowledge and to continually educate professional staff, the University Health Centre has become a video-viewing centre of the Hong Kong College of General Practitioners since September 1994. Films on various topics of clinical medicine are shown every Wednesday from 1.00 p.m. to 2.00 p.m. Medical and paramedical staff as well as medical and nursing students are welcome to attend these sessions. For further information, please contact our health education officer. Drug Labelling Since the beginning of 1995, prescribed medicines have been labelled to enable easy recognition and to facilitate the continuity of medical care, especially when clients attend other medical centres, e.g., the accident and emergency ward of a hospital. However waiting time for the collection of medicine is expected to increase slightly due to the labelling procedure. Computerization The computer program used since 1993 for registration, keeping daily statistics, and data analyses has been extended to the dispensary for stock checking, drug purchase and drug labelling. Medical Benefit for Retired Staff Since January 1993, retired staff members who have served the University for not less than 10 years and who have registered at the Personnel Office are eligible for primary care service at the Health Centre. Recently we have noted an increasing number of retired staff visiting our clinic. Some live far away from the University campus and some even come from overseas. It is gratifying to learn that many of them are enjoying sound physical health. The University-Health Service is always looking into ways to improve its service to the University community. Your suggestions and comments will help us attain our goal of providing quality medical care, Lo Ts un -fan New Publications of the University Press The following books will be sold at a 20 per cent discount to staff of the University at the University Bookstore, John Fulton Centre: Political Development in Macau Written by Lo Shiu-hing, this book analyses the government and politics of Macau, which will become a Special Administration Region of China in 1999. It deals with five aspects of political development in Macau after the 1974 revolution in Portugal: gradual democratization, increased citizen participation, their political mobilization, the implementation of administrative reforms, and closer economic interactions with China and Hong Kong. The conclusion is reached that if political development is the hallmark of Macau's polity during the current transition period, it will remain an enduring feature after 1999. HK$180,330 pages, paperback. The Other Hong Kong Report 1995 Edited by Stephen Y.L. Cheung and Stephen M.H. Sze, this seventh volume of The Other Hong Kong Report has upheld the tradition of being insightful and critical, providing alternative views, and placing great value on authenticity and diversity of ideas. 1995 has been a year marked by social controversy and reorientation, slackened economic growth, rising unemployment, and increased socio-economic polarization in Hong Kong. Politically the Sino-British dispute is transforming into closer collaboration to tackle impending problems before it is too late. Scholars, well-known commentators, and other professionals have been invited to provide a lucid picture of the social tumult. HK$168,520 pages, paperback. My Favourite Chinese Stories This is a collection of Chinese stories specially selected and retold in English for young readers of 12 and over by Pamela Youde, wife of the former governor of Hong Kong, who has lived in China and Hong Kong for more than 15 years. The book consists of three stories: The Great Archer and the Moon Goddess; The Dragon King It was That Died; and Monkey Borrows the PalmleafFan. Each story is accompanied by beautiful full-colour illustrations by Lo King-man, director of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. HK$210,136 pages, hardcover. A gift pack including the book, eight postcards, and three cassette tapes is available for HK$360 in limited quantity.