Newsletter No. 80

News 1
2,968 Degrees Awarded at the 49th Congregation 1
Extract from the Vice-Chancellor's Address 1
Features 2
APIB: Where Executives are Students Again 2
Comments from Senior Administration 3
CU CUBICS, or INNOPAC? What is in a Name? 3
Announcements 4
Professorial Appointment 4
Gifts? Bribery? 4
Professorial Inaugural Lecture 4
The Freemasons' Fund for East Asian Studies 4
Staff Review of Non-teaching Staff Members on Terms of Service (B) & (C) 4
Reimbursement of Course Fees 4
Corporate Employee Preferential Package 4
Library Opening Hours during Christmas and New Year Holidays 4
Supplementary Information on an RGC-funded Project 4
ULS New Regulations 3
Library Seminar 3
Art Museum Special Offers 6
Personalia 5