Newsletter No. 83

News 1
The 50th Congregation 1
1996 Japan Prize Goes to Prof. Charles Kao 1
Sir Run Run Shaw Distinguished Visiting Scholar Lecture 1996 1
First Wheelchair Bank for children with Neuromuscular Diseases 1
Professorial Inaugural Lecture on Molecular Pathology 1
15 to Receive Long Service Awards 2
Academics and Cultural Critics Gather to Discuss Non-Western Modern Cosmopolitanism 2
Seminar on Sixth Form Physics 2
Accounting Students and Teachers Visit Beijing and Shanghai 2
Comments from Senior Administration 2
To Publish or Not to Publish? That Is the Question 2
Features 3
Just a Starter in Curbing Sexual Harassment: Gender Relations Expert Conducts Training Workshop and Calls for a Proper Office to Handle Complaints 3
Personalia 4
Service to the Community and International Organizations 4
New Publications of HKIAPS 4
Announcements 5
Professorial Appointment 5
Third Entrance to the University 5
International Conference on Elderly Care, the Family, and Human Values in the 21st Century 5
BFC and JFC Closed during Chinese New Year Holidays 5
Ink and Colour—Joint Exhibition by Six Artists 5