Newsletter No. 84

News 1
Medical Exchange Agreement with University of Alberta, Canada 1
Formation of CU Accounting Link 1
Major Advances in Burns Care: Artificial Skin Saves Two Lives at PWH 1
Faculty of Engineering Open Day 1
BBA Team Wins Citibank Competition 1
Chung Chi Cleans Its Act 1
Department Update 2
What Fascinates the Prime Architect of Our Architecture Department 2
Making Decisions for and Managing The Department of Decision Sciences & Managerial Economics: Prof. Eden Yu Relates His Experience 3
Service to the Community and International Organizations 2
Announcements 4
New Director of SCS 4
Wei Lun Lectures 4
The Language Fund Invites Applications 4
International Summer Piano Institute Invites Applications 4
First Aid Course for Staff 4
Donate Blood 4
Hepatits B Awareness Campaign 4
Painting & Calligraphy on Fans 6
Features 5
After a Quarter of a Century 5
Personalia 6