Newsletter No. 85

News 1
Summing Up the World in a Computer: Professor of Physics Shows How 1
World Renowned Accounting Academic Portrays Future of Financial Reporting 1
Chung Chi's Oldest Hostels Given New Look 1
Two Events to Mark Anniversary of Pao Centres for Cancer: Collaboration Agreement with Peking Cancer Institute & Symposium on EBV-Related Tumours 1
Features 2
The Animal House: A New Director, a New Vision, and Soon, a New Location 2
New Books 3
Announcements 4
New Academic Titles Scheme 4
Wei Lun Lecture 4
Two-day Conference on Ancient and Medieval History 4
Conference and Book Fair to Promote Studies in Translating into Chinese 4
CU Press Annual Sale 4
Ink Painting Works by Liew Come Tong 4
Sexual Harassment Mediation/Complaints 4
Special Discounts at Regal Riverside and Royal Park, Sha Tin 4
Croucher Grant of $482,000 for Computer Project 4
All Welcome to Boat Club AGM 3
Personalia 5