Newsletter No. 87

News 1
Time to Reperiodize History, Says Wei Lun Visiting Professor 1
Conference and Book Fair to Promote Translation 1
Telling the Poison from the Pill 1
Nine-year Compulsory Education under Probe 1
Close Relationship between Politics and Religion in Ancient and Medieval Times 1
Lectures and Seminars by Visiting Scholars 2
A Taste of Another Culture for Students on Yale-New Asia Exchange 2
Features 2
A Foretaste of Problem-Based Learning: Coping with Real World Problems in the Classroom 2
Department Update 2
A Fledgling Sports Science and Physical Education Department Seeking to Establish Itself 2
Announcements 4
Professorial Appointment 4
Private Tenancy Allowance (PTA) 4
Annual Gender Role Workshop 4
Putonghua and Cantonese Courses for Staff and Spouses 4
Letter to the Editor 4
Response 1 4
Response 2 4
Personalia 5