Newsletter No. 91

News 1
Prof. Charles Kao Appointed as Honorary Professor of Engineering 1
CU Becomes 20th International MEDLARS Centre 1
CU Music scholars Visit Taiwan and Beijing for Professional Exchange 1
Wei Lun Lecture: Educationist Reviews Students' Evaluations of University Teaching 1
Education and National Identity—Hong Kong Education in the 1997 Transition 1
Comments from Senior Administration 2
Strength through Diversity: The Missions of the Office of International Studies Programmes and the Yale-in-China Chinese Language Centre 2
Features 3
Teacher of European Languages Retires to Learn More about Europe 3
New Research Monographs by HKIAPS 3
Personalia 4
Announcements 5
Farewell Dinner in Honour of Prof. and Mrs. Charles Kao 5
Staff Review—Non-teaching Staff Members on Terms of Service (B) & (C) 5
Fee-charging & Non-fee-charging Bus Service for Staff in Summer 5