Newsletter No. 94

News 1
Mathematician, Entrepreneur, and Social Welfare Administrator to Receive Honorary Doctorates 1
Research News 1
Features 2
New to the Campus? See How TDU Can Help 2
The Land of Lingchih 3
New Books 3
Service to the Community and International Organizations 3
Announcements 4
Professorial Appointments 4
Reorganization of the Registry 4
Annual Staff Review 4
Children's Education Allowance 4
United College Distinguished Visiting Scholar Lectures 4
The New Silk Road Exhibition to Help Children's Cancer Foundation 4
RAC Membership and Terms of Reference 4
Research Committee Subject Panel Membership 4
Revision of Staff Bus Subscription Charges 5
Booking of Sports Facilities 5
Exhibition of the Mufei Collection of Ceramics 3
Personalia 6