Newsletter No. 95

News 1
University's Response to TLQPR Report 1
Consultants Appointed to Monitor Pak Shek Kok Dump Site: Science Park Project Yet to Receive Green Light 1
Chinese Scientist Claims Chinese Medicine Can Cure Cancer 2
CU Flea Market 2
Department of Nursing Dress Down in Aid of the Community Chest 2
CUHK Prize Winners at Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial 2
Letter to the Editor 2
Features 3
Getting Their Tongue Round Cantonese and Putonghua 3
Personalia 4
New Books 4
New Books by the Chinese University Press 4
Announcements 5
Installation of New VC 5
Dedication of Charles Kao Kuen Building 5
New Dean of Social Science 5
New Academic Programmes 5
Demonstration of Self-learning Interactive Putonghua CD-Rom 5
Library Opening Hours During Chung Yeung Festival 5
Showing Respect to Mr. Chan Yuk Cheung 5