Newsletter No. 98

News 1
Telemed Provides Health Care at a Distance 1
Donation for Ginseng Studies 1
Civil Service Careers Exhibition 1
Research Update 1
Cruise Along the Yangtze Brings Together Medical Education Experts 1
Seminar and Exhibition on Islam 2
Three-Year Collaboration Memorandum Signed with Taiwan Yang-Ming University 2
Department of Nursing Plays Host to Nurses from China 2
Links with Beijing Hospital Strengthened 2
Regional Conference on Preventive Medicine 2
German Week 2
New Books 2
New Books by the Chinese University Press 2
Renditions No. 46 7
Service to the Community and International Organizations 2
Features 3
16 Years on: The Sir Run Run Shaw Hall Manager Shares His Aspirations 3
Announcements 4
Arrangements for Congregation Day 4
Gifts? Bribery? 4
Staffing Arrangements on Christmas and New Year Eves 4
Investment Returns of Superannuation Schemes 4
Industry Department Invites Applications for SSF 4
Putonghua and Cantonese Courses for Staff & Spouses 4
Staff/Student Physical Fitness Training Courses 5
Obituary 5
1997 Calendar for Sale 7
Personalia 5