Newsletter No. 99

News 1
From Splicing to Stockholm: Nobel Laureate Gives Lecture on DNA 1
A New Research Centre to Study Religion and Chinese Society 1
Four Workshops to Demonstrate Medical Advances 1
CUMBA 30th Anniversary Banquet 2
CUHK Members Win Laurels 2
Features 2
lnstallation of CUHK Vice-Chancellors: Some Facts and Figures 2
Department Update 3
On Its Way to Becoming the Pace-Setter for the Asia-Pacific Region: Head of Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Recounts Its Achievements 3
New Books 3
Announcements 4
Art Museum Book Sale Month 4
Staff Review of Non-teaching Staff Members on Terms of Service (B) & (C) 4
Library Opening Hours during Christmas and New Year Holidays 4
Revision of Dental Charges 4
Amendments to Regulations Governing the Booking of Sports Facilities 4
New Appointment to HKIER Board of Management 4
Personalia 5