Newsletter No. 103

News 1
International Conference on Media, Culture, and the Public 1
More Research Grants 1
Two More Clinics Come under the Extra Outpatient Consultation Services Scheme 1
University Helps Heighten Awareness of Drug Abuse 1
United Annual Workshop Probes Educational Issues 1
World-Renowned Economist Visits Chung Chi 2
Engineering Faculty Graduate Open Day 2
Faculty of Medicine Cultivates Taiwan Links 2
New Teaching Centre for Family Medicine Opens 2
Budding Scholars from Korea Share Views on Reunification 2
Features 3
Making Less Awesome the Learning of English for Chinese Immigrant Children 3
Personalia 4
Announcements 5
Amendments to University Statutes 5
New Academic Titles Scheme for Part-time/Honorary Teaching Staff 5
Changes in Immigration Control on British Citizens 5
Hepatitis Awareness Campaign 5
Travel Coupons for Bidding 5
Obituary 5