Newsletter No. 109

News 1
To Increase Linguistic Awareness among Hong Kong Students 1
Hong Kong Journalists Oppose Self-Censorship 1
Seminar Held to Solve Problems in Chinese Language Teaching in Hong Kong 1
More Research Grants 1
First Batch of Locally-Trained PE Degree Holders 1
Accountancy Graduates Score Highest in HKSA/ACCA Exams 1
Visit by Presidents of Teaching Hospitals in China 2
Seminar on Child Abuse 2
Law Professor Examines Relevance of Basic Law to Business 2
Medical Students Help Measure Physical Fitness of the Elderly 2
Department Update 2
The Largest O & G Unit in Hong Kong 2
Features 2
Seeking Protection for Your Inventions 3
Service to the Community and International Organizations 3
New Books 4
Research Centre for Translation 4
Staff New Book 4
A Book That Marks 1997 But Is Not about It 4
Announcements 5
Investment Returns of Superannuation Schemes 5
University Swimming Pool News 5
Canteens Closed for Annual Maintenance 5
Personalia 5