Newsletter Summer Supplement (1997)

Announcements 1
New Vice-Chairman of University Council 1
University Members Honoured 1
Professorial Appointment 1
Department Chairs and Directors of Studies 1997–98 1
RGC Research Grants for 1997–98 2
Updating of Personnel Records 2
Reimbursement of Staff Training and Development Expenses to Non-teaching Staff 2
Revision of Cash Allowance for Clinical Staff 3
Housing Benefits 3
Bishop Williams Memorial Fund Visiting Researcher/Trainee Programme in Japan 3
Orientation for New Academic Staff and Teaching Assistants 3
Salary Revisions 3
Facility Charges 1997–98 3
Investment Returns of Superannuation Schemes 4
University Health Service Campaigns 4
Putonghua and Cantonese Courses for Staff and Spouses 4
University Swimming Pool News 4
Revised Opening Hours of Ma Liu Shui Entrance 4
Policy on Parking Enforcement 4
University Library System Opening Hours in 1997–98 5
University Library System News 5
Notice of Office Move 5
The <em>CUHK Newsletter</em> and the <em>Chinese University Bulletin</em> Go Cyber 5
Personalia 6