Newsletter No. 116

News 1
Professor of Nursing Lectures on Recovery from Stroke 1
The Classroom of the Future: Professionals Examine IT Education 1
Relaunch of Fight for Sight Hotline 1
Faculty of Social Science Compiles the First Dean's List 1
Research Grants for Three Nursing Projects 1
Medical Staff Appointed Sims Black Professor by Royal College 1
ED Official Addresses Local Education in College Talk 2
The Opening of Weiyuan Lake Marks Chung Chi's 46th Birthday 2
New Department Heads 2
New Director of the Environmental Science Programme 2
Features 2
Profiles 3
Announcements 4
New Academic Programmes 4
Conference on Chinese Food and Civilization 4
Gender-related Events in November 4
Conference on Translation Teaching 4
Extra Outpatient Consultation Services Scheme 4
Department of Nursing Homepage 5
Fitness Training Courses for Staff and Students 5
Swimming Pool News 5
Obituary 5
Corrigendum 5
PolyU Alumni Search 5
Personalia 5