Newsletter No. 121

2 No. 121 19th February 1998 CUHK Newsletter CUHK Plays Active Role in Public Health From left: Mrs. Gloria Ng Wong Yee-man, chair of Van Chai Hospital Governing Committee, Dr. David Cheng, Prof. S.H. Lee, Prof. Joseph C.K. Lee A Family Medicine Teaching Centre was formally established at the general practice clinic of Yan Chai Hospital following the signing of a memorandum between the CUHK Department of Community and Family Medicine and Yan Chai Hospital on 22nd January 1998. The centre, which started pilot operation in early 1997, is the first family medicine teaching centre set up jointly by a university and a district hospital in Hong Kong. Twenty-four medical students from CU have been attached to the centre for clinical sessions, and other students have visited the centre to learn the organization and management of family medicine practice. Besides providing training, the centre will work towards enhancing preventive health care and promoting health care education. Staff of the Department of Community and Family Medicine will help develop family medicine and design training programmes for hospital staff. There will also be research collaboration between the two parties, especially in the areas of health service provision, epidemiology, and public health. The memorandum was signed by Prof. S.H. Lee, chair of the department, and Dr. David Cheng, hospital chief executive of Yan Chai. Talk and Workshop Examine IT in Education Students are given the opportunity to try applying SAMS in a simulation exercise at the workshop T eaching is no longer just chalk and board. The growing importance of information technology in education was the focus of a talk and workshop organized by Chung Chi College and the Office of Student Affairs on 23rd January 1998. With 'Facing the New Challenges of Education in the 21st Century' as its theme, the event's objective was to provide students who wish to become teachers with up-to-date information on the application of information technology in school administration and education. It was also hoped that the event would attract more university students to the profession. In the talk, the development of information technology education, multi-media teaching, and curriculum design in Hong Kong was analysed, and the School Administration and Management System (SAMS) introduced. Speakers included three officers of the School Administration and Management System Section of the Education Department, as well as the principal of Sha Tin Government Secondary School. At the workshop that followed, students were given the opportunity to try applying SAMS in a simulation exercise. The events were attended by over 170 participants, ofwhom about 140 were CUHK students. Prominent Chemical Engineer Visits Chung Chi P rof. Marshall M. Lih visited Chung Chi College from 10th to 24th January 1998 as Siu Lien Ling Wong Visiting Fellow 1997—98. Prof. Lih is Division Director for Engineering Education and Centers at the National Science Foundation of the US. The division's primary mission is to reform the engineering curriculum and create a new culture in integrating engineering education and research. During his visit, Prof. Lih addressed staff and students of the University on several occasions. He sat on the discussion panel in the college's annual education conference on 17th January, and, together with three other panelists from the University, delivered a speech on 'Facing New Challenges: Cultivating Talents for the 21st Century'. Brought up in Hong Kong, Prof. Lih attended universities in Taiwan and the US. He obtained his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1962. He was chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering at National Taiwan University and held teaching positions in universities in the US. Prof. Lih joined the National Science Foundation in 1973, and was subsequently elected a fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Prof. Lih's expertise is in the education of high technology. He has represented the US at international conferences including the European Community High Technology Work Group Conference and the OECD International Policy Conference on Technology and the Global Economy. For his outstanding achievements, he received a Presidential Citation in 1994 and the Presidential Rank Meritorious Executive Award of the US Senior Executive Service in 1995. Neuroscience Workshop Breeds Brain Research Organization T he First Neuroscience Exchange Workshop, hosted by New Asia College and the Department of Anatomy, took place from 15th to 17th December 1997 at the University. Prominent Chinese neuroscientists from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan participated in the workshop, whose aim was to promote scientific interaction and collaboration between major neuroscience groups from the three places. It was agreed at the workshop that an organization, to be named the Chinese Brain Research Organization, will be set up to foster joint research in basic and clinical neuroscience, promote exchange of scientific knowledge, and train high quality scientists. A six-member preparatory committee was set up which includes two neuroscientists each from the mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The organization will be officially inaugurated at the Chinese Neuroscience Forum 1999 to be organized by New Asia College as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations. Eight Most Outstanding Medical Teachers 1997 E ight teachers from the Faculty of Medicine were presented the Most Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award for the academic year 1996—97 at a ceremony held on 21st January 1998. In the election organized by the faculty, students in each year of the undergraduate medical programme were asked to nominate a teacher they consider the most influential on their ability to learn. Criteria used included organization skills, the ability to define objectives, material coverage and formulation, helping understanding, and provoking interest. The top nominees from each year were then voted on by the respective classes by secret ballot. The election is planned as an annual event to give recognition to the best teachers as chosen by undergraduate medical students each year. Prof. Arthur K.C. Li, vice-chancellor, gave a keynote address at the award presentation ceremony. Prof. Joseph C.K. Lee, dean of medicine, stated at the end of the ceremony that the faculty will make every effort to maintain and enhance teaching standards. The award winners are Profs. Ng Tzi- bun, J.A. Gosling, and Michael S.C. Tam for Year 1, Prof. Alfreda Stadlin for Year 2, Dr. Raphael C.Y. Chan for Year 3 , Profs. Gary W.K. Wong and Fok Tai-fai for Year 4, and Prof. Leung Sing-fai for Year 5.