Newsletter No. 125

2 No. 125 19th April 1998 CUHK Newsletter VC Presents Long Service Awards F orty-six staf f who have served 25 years at the University wer e presented the Long Servic e Awards o n 28th March 199 8 as a token of thanks for thei r service . Prof. Arthur K.C . Li , vice-chancellor o f the University, officiate d a t the award presentation ceremony whic h too k place at the University Guest House. He said this year the celebration i s tripled as i t i s als o th e University' s 35t h anniversary an d the award's 10th . The lis t o f Term s o f Servic e A award recipient s wa s announce d b y Prof. Liu Pak-wai, pro-vice-chancellor . They eac h receive d a gold pi n an d a certificate. Th e Term s B lis t wa s announced b y hea d o f CUT A Mr . Winston Kan . The y eac h receive d a certificate an d a cash award or a gold pin. The occasio n ende d with a buffet lunch at the Guest House. Friends Gather at Art Museum for Annual Dinner A dinner was arranged at the East- wing Gallerie s o f th e A r t Museum fo r th e firs t tim e o n th e evening o f 20t h Marc h 1998 . Th e occasion marked the annual gathering of the Friends of the Art Museum and the completion of their docent training programme. It began with a tour of the exhibition 'Jade s of the Liangzhu Culture' led by the docents and a Chinese music performance by student s of the Music Department . A congratulator y messag e was then delivered by Prof . Arthur K.C. Li, vice-chancellor of the University, to be followed by the presentation of certificates to the docents by Mrs . Li . Som e 12 0 members of the Friends of the Art Museum an d guests a t t e n d ed th e function. Docents and other guests of the annual dinner 宣布事项 Announcements 教职员及配偶国粤语课程 Putonghua and Cantonese Courses for Staff and Spouses 新雅中国语文硏习所将于六月九日至八月十一 日于方树泉楼再度爲本校教职员及其配偶举办下列 国、粤语课程,上课时间暂定星期二及四下午五时 至六时五十分。 (一)供外籍教职员及其配偶选修之初级国语课 程。 (二)供外籍教职员及其配偶选修之初级粤语课 程。 (三)供粤籍教职员及其配偶选修之初级国语课 程。 (四)供非粤籍教职员及其配偶选修之初级粤语 课程。 以上课程每班限额八人,按报名先后取录,少 于四人不开班。学费全期港币四千三百八十元,聘 任期不少于两年之本校全职教职员及其配偶,若未 获任何语言学习资助者,可获大学津贴学费百分之 四十。 有意就学者请于六月二日前与该硏习所联络(内 线六七二七)。 The New Asia-Yale-in-China Chinese Language Centre will again offer Putonghua and Cantonese courses to the University's staff and their spouses from 9th June to 11th August 1998 . Th e followin g course s hav e bee n tentatively scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday from 5.00 p.m. to 6.50 p.m. at the Fong Shu Chuen Building: (1) Beginner' s course in Putonghua for foreigners. (2) Beginner ' s course in Cantonese for foreigners. (3) Beginner ' s course i n Putonghu a fo r non - Putonghua speakers of Chinese origin. (4) Beginner' s cours e i n Cantones e fo r non - Cantonese speakers of Chinese origin. The siz e o f eac h clas s wil l b e limite d t o eigh t students and the minimum number of students to form a class i s four. Enrolmen t wil l b e on a first-come-first- served basis. Basic tuition fee for each course is HK$4,380. The University wil l subsidiz e 40 per cent of the tuition fee for all full-time academic and administrative staff as well as thei r spouse s wh o ar e expecte d t o b e wit h th e University fo r a t leas t tw o years , an d wh o ar e no t receiving a language stud y subsid y fro m an y othe r source. Fo r enrolment , pleas e contac t th e Chines e Language Centre at Ext. 6727 before 2nd June 1998. 邵逸夫堂暂停开放 Closure of Sir Run Run Shaw Hall 邵逸夫堂将于五月十八日(星期一)至八月十七 日(星期一)关闭,以装置新的观众座椅并开展维修工 程。 Sir Run Run Shaw Hall will be closed from 18t h May to 17th August 199 8 for renovation . 教职员贷款利率下调 Reduced Interest Rate for Staff Loans 总务处跟随香港银行公会之减息决定,宣布自 一九九八年三月三十日起,教职员贷款之年利率由 十厘二五减至十厘。 From the B u r s a r y : In line with the decision of the Hong Kong Association of Bank s t o cu t the prime rat e by 0.2 5 pe r cent , the interest rate for staff loans has been reduced from 10.25 per cen t to 1 0 per cen t per annum fro m 30t h Marc h 1998. 立教大学硏究奖励计划 Rikkyo University Research Fellowship Programme 1999-2000 日本立教大学现接受一九九九至二零零零年度 硏究奖励计划之申请。该计划旨在促进人文、社会 或自然科学之硏究及学术交流。获奖者可与立教大 学教师开展合作硏究。 获奖者可得来回东京经济客位机票,以及每月 廿六万至卅五万五千日元之生活、房屋及硏究津 贴,并得于一九九九年四月一日至二零零零年三月 卅一日期内开展爲期三至八个月之硏究。 申请者须爲教授、副教授、助理教授、讲师或 导师’并于一九九九年四月一日时年龄爲四十五岁 或以下。 索取申请表格或査询详情可致电人事处(内线七 一九一/七二八八)。申请表格须于一九九八年六月 三十日前寄回立教大学。 Academic staf f of the University ca n now appl y fo r financial suppor t t o conduc t researc h a t Rikky o University, Japan, in the 1999-2000 academic year. The Rikky o Universit y Researc h Fellowshi p Programme aims at encouraging academic exchange and research in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Successful candidates can conduct research in collaboration with academic staff of Rikkyo Universit y for three to eight months from 1s t April 199 9 to 31st March 2000. The fellowship include s economy clas s airfare to and from Tokyo, and a monthly stipen d of ¥260,00 0 to ¥355,000 . Applicants should be full-time professors, associate or assistant professors, lecturers, or instructors, who are aged 45 or below as of 1s t April 1999 . All application s should reach Rikkyo University by 30th June 1998. Application form s and details of the programme may be obtained from the Personnel Office (Ext. 7191/ 7288). 讣告 Obituary 本校创校校长李卓敏博士的夫人卢志文女士于 一九九八年四月一日在美国加州柏克莱辞世,葬礼 已于四月四日在当地举行。 Mrs. Sylvi a Li , wif e o f Dr. C.M . Li , foundin g vice - chancellor o f the University, passed away on 1 st April 1998 in Berkeley, California, USA. Beware of the Universal Y2K Problem At the turn of the millennium, all computer users in the world will face the same danger — the danger of having their computer systems not working properly. Cause and Scope In order to save disk storage and speed up program execution, most computer programs, especially those that have been around for a long time, use only two digits to represent the year, e.g. '97' fo r '1997 ' whe n dealing with calendar dates. The two-digit year field can be found in operating systems, microcodes, compilers, middlewares, application packages, in-house developed applications, screen formats, and databases. At the turn of the millennium, problem programs will not be able to interpret the digits '00' as year 2000 (Y2K), but will interpret it as year 190 0 instead. Subsequently, these programs, which we describe as 'non-Y2K compliant', will fail. To further complicate the problem, some programs do not recognize year 2000 as a leap year, and hence cannot handle '29th February 2000’ properly. In fact, the Y2K date problem is not confined to software. Hardware devices which use an internal electronic logic to handle dates may encounter the same problem. Examples include computer hardware (such as PCs and workstations), medical devices, automated systems, video cassette recorders, security systems, and fax machines. What Should Be Done? For a computer program or system to survive Y2K, you have to make sure that the computer hardware (e.g. PC, UNIX-based workstation) in which the program i s running, the operating system (e.g. DOS, Windows, AIX) , th e application softwar e (e.g. SAS, SPSS , Gaussian) , and your self-develope d programs are all Y2K compliant. There is no quick and easy solution. You must first identify all problem software and hardware items, then either fix them, e.g., modify program codes, or replace them with year 2000 compliant products. To start with, we recommend that you make an inventory of your existing computer syslem(s) according to the following: • Machin e type and model; • Operatin g system and its version number; • Tap e management system, if any; • License d application programs and their version numbers; • Publi c domain shareware/freeware and their version numbers; • Self-develope d programs with program logic to manipulate dates. Once you have finished taking inventory , you should check with you r software/hardware vendor s on the status of their product s regardin g Y2 K compliance. For licensed products, you may need to apply patches or to perform a complete version upgrade to make the product Y2K compliant . For public domain software, you will have to consult the author or check the source code yourself. For self-developed programs, you must locate the problem codes and make them Y2K compliant , test them, and finally pu t them back int o you r production environment. Act Now Beware that some programs will fail long before year 2000, for example, a program which handles dates one year ahead will encounter problems at the start of 1999. Therefore take action now. CSC/ITSU will provide technical information and render help as much as possible. However, CSC/ITSU will not perform the actual work for you. You must allocate your own resources to solve the Y2K date problem and replace with your own budget software and hardware items which cannot be made Y2K compliant. For furthe r information , refe r t o th e Y2 K we b pag e a t http:/ / , o r contact the following CSC/ITSU staff: Microcomputer systems and network: Mr . Roge r So , Ext. 883 6 Microcomputerapplications: Ms. Judy Cheung, Ext. 8920 UNIX-based systems: Ms . Carol Chiu, Ext. 8823 and Ms. Fung Suet-yi, Ext. 8832 Academic computing system applications (e.g . SAS , IMSL , M A T L A B ) : Mr . Thomas Tsui, Ext. 8844 Registryapplications: Mr. Chong Wing-kong, Ext. 8915 and Mr. Lawrence Leung, Ext. 8990 SAP accounting applications: Ms. Anita Kwong, Ext. 8872 and Mr. Edmund To, Ext. 8843 Newfunding model system: Ms . Leung Mei-yin, Ext. 8840 Admission system: Ms. Sally Wong, Ext. 8871 Personnel andpayroll systems: Mr. Michael Chan, Ext. 8809 and Mr. Edmund To, Ext. 8843 Nelson Ngan Computer Services Centre