Newsletter No. 127

News 1
Wei Lun Professor Discusses Future of Marketing Research 1
Support for Two Research Projects 1
Medical Professor Targets Diabetes and Obesity in Inaugural Lecture 1
CUHK Inventions Granted US Patent 1
Motorola Supports Frontier Research at Faculty of Engineering 2
Shaw 10th Anniversary Symposium 2
Internet Broadcast of Peking University's Centennial Celebrations 2
Urban GIS Forum 3
TDU Seminars on Teaching Excellence 3
Third Conference on Social Indicators Studies in Chinese Societies 3
CUHK Graduates Top Joint HKSA/ACCA Exams 3
Features 2
To Cater for Research Interest in Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, and Linguistics 2
Announcements 4
Fee-Charging & Non-Fee-Charging Bus Service for Staff in Summer 4
Staff Bus Air-Conditioning Charges during Summer 4
Canteens Closed for Annual Maintenance 4
New Business Hours for Shaw College Canteens 4
Revision of Dental Charges 4
Shaw College Seeks Resident Tutors 4
IMS Management Board Composition 4
University Swimming Pool Notices 5
University Library System Summer Hours 5
Plan Your Trip with UHS 5
Legislative Council Election 5
Personalia 5