Newsletter No. 130

News 1
Symposiums to Celebrate 35th Anniversary 1
CUHK and TWGHs Pool Efforts to Promote Chinese Medicine 1
Royal Party Given a Taste of CU's Bicultural Tradition 1
CUHK Co-hosts Tufts University Leadership Institute 1
Leading Environmental Microbiologist Speaks on Bioremediation 2
Advanced Computers Acquired for Cervical Cancer Prevention 2
Exchange with a Nautical Flavour 2
Care for Postnatal Depressive Mothers 2
University Students Win Checkers Competition 2
Secondary 7 Students Savouring the CU Campus 2
An Eventful Summer 3
The Third Summer School for Pathologists from China 3
The Public Poliy Forum on Unemployment, Poverty and Social Policy 3
The Advanced Course and Conference: From Basic to Applied Immunology 3
The International Conference on Modeling Geographical and Environmental Systems with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) 3
A Workshop on the Teaching of Anatomy 3
The 1998 Evidence Based Nursing Seminars 3
A Seminar on Teaching Evaluation 3
A Workshop on Adolescent Problems and Family Social Work 3
Announcement 4
Professorial Appointment 4
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Schemes 4
Student Campus Work Scheme 4
Annual Academic Staff Review and Staff Development Grants Applications/Nominations 4
New System for Parking on Campus 5
University Swimming Pool Opening Hours 5
Personalia 6
Service to the Community and International Organizations 7