Newsletter No. 131

2 No. 131 19th September 1998 CUHK Newsletter Staf fDevelopmen t Programmes/Grant s T he University administers a variety o f fellowships, scholarships and grants fo r teaching and administrative staff t o conduct research, pursue further studies i n local o r overseas institutions, o r broaden their experience through participation i n conferences and publication projects. The following is a summary of the major grants for staff development and th e recipients o f such awards approved i n 1996-97 an d 1997-98: C.Y. Kwan Endowment Fund for Staff Development Awardee : Prof. Ma Lai-chong, Joyce, associate professor, Dept. o f Social Work Period : 12th-23rd August 1996 Awardee : Prof. Waye Miu-yee, Mary, associate professor, Dept. o f Biochemistry Period : 24th November-15th December 1996 Awardee : Prof. Ho Suk-san, Susan, assistant professor, Dept. o f Pharmacy Period : 29th May-11 th August 1997 Awardee : Prof. Chiu Siu-wai, associate professor, Dept. o f Biology Period : 23rd March-4th April 1998 Freemasons' Fund for East Asian Studies Awardee : Prof. Alfreda Stadlin, associate professor, Dept. of Anatomy Period : January-December 1996 Awardee : Prof. Chiu Siu-wai, associate professor, Dept. o f Biology Period : October 1997-September 1998 Harvard-Yenching Visiting Scholars Programme Awardee : Prof. So Kee-long, Billy, professor, Dept. o f History Period : 11th July 1996-31st May 1997 Awardee : Mr. Jor Chi-keung, George, senior instructor, English Language Teaching Unit Period : 25th August 1997-24th July 1998 Lee Hysan Foundation Endowment Fund for Staff Development Awardee : Prof. Sandy Luk, assistant professor, Dept. o f Biochemistry Period : 30th July-15th August 1996 Awardee : Prof. L i I-kang, Andrew, lecturer, Dept. of Architecture Period : 1st August 1997-31st July 1998 Awardee : Prof. H o Suk-san, Susan, assistant professor, Dept. o f Pharmacy Period : 29th June-6th September 1998 Awardee : Mr. Sze Man-man, senior instructor, Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction Period : 1st July-15th August 1998 Awardee : Mr. Jor Chi-keung, George, senior instructor, English Language Teaching Unit Period : 25th August 1997-24th July 1998 Exchange with a Technological Theme A student exchange programme entitled Technology an d Social Development' was organized b y Chung Chi College and Xian Jiaotong University from 24th August t o 2nd September o n the Chung Chi campus. The programme focussed on the benefits of technological advancement o n society an d th e application o f science and technology i n the modern world. Ten X i an Jiaotong Un i ve r s i ty students an d 1 6 Chung Ch i College students conducted joint research o n selected topics related to the theme during the programme and shared their findings at a seminar held o n 31st August. T o understand how advanced technology i s applied in transportation, the mass media, education, crime fighting, and communication, they paid visits to the Mass Transit Railway Corporation, th e South China Morning Post, the Hong Kong Police Force, and were introduced to th e Wireless Campus Project a t the University's Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building. Prof. Rance P L Lee, head of Chung Chi College (right), and Prof. Yu Dehong, deputy chair of Xian Jiaotang University Council (left) Orientation for New Teaching Staff T hirty-three ne w faculty members attended a one- and-a-half-day orientation programme organized b y th e Teaching Development Unit (TDU) on 27th and 28th August 1998. Th e purpose o f th e programme was t o prepare new teaching staff for the tasks ahead and to familiarize them with the University and its services. The event started w i th welcoming speeches by Prof. Leslie N.K. Lo, head o f the TDU, and Prof. Kenneth Young, pro-vice-chancellor. I n th e experience sharing session, th e TD U invited Profs. Leung Kwok (Psychology), Kev in A u (International Business), Robert Cocks (Accident and Emergency Medicine Academic Unit), Andrew L i (Architecture), Wong P o Choi (Information Engineering), and Jimmy Y u (Chemistry), representing the spectrum of faculties, t o speak t o the newcomers o n teaching. This was followed by questions from the participants. In th e afternoon, th e newcomers were assigned t o four groups f o r discussion with experienced staff o n teaching methods. Th e four facilitators were Prof. Freeman Chan (Architecture), Prof. Chua Bee Leng (Management), Ms. Kimberly McGrath (English Language Teaching Un i t ), an d Mr . Paul Sz e (Curriculum and Instruction). On the second day the new staff were introduced t o th e library, and computer and personnel services o f the University by representatives from th e respective offices. Orientation Camp fo rMedically Inclined Sixth-formers T he Faculty o f Medicine organized the first Orientation Camp f o r Sixth Formers t o provide thorough information o n th e Faculty and it s M B ChB programme t o students with th e interest and potential in pursuing a career in medicine. Close t o 8 0 sixth-formers recommended by their principals attended the camp which wa s held o n 4t h an d 5t h August. Accompanied b y medical students o f the University, they visited pre-clinical departments, th e Prince o f Wales Hospital, and tried their hand a t simple experiments. The highlight of the tour was the visit to the operating threatre where th e sixth-formers, each donning an operating gown, observed th e work of surgeons i n on e of the busiest operating threatres i n Hong Kong. I n th e evening a gathering wa s organized by th e medical students, wherein alumni o f the faculty were invited t o share their experiences with the sixth formers. Summer of Language-learning and Culture O ver 10 0 students f r om Chung Chi College participated in the college's Summer Study Abroad Programme, one o f the many highlights o f its Language Enhancement Programme. This year, th e students were given th e opportunity t o brush u p their English o r Putonghua a t th e University o f Washington, th e University o f Waterloo, o r Beijing Normal University. Another group of students were arranged to take up English language courses at the Oxford English Centre in England. Besides regular classes, excursions, sightseeing tours and social gatherings were organized to give the students a better understanding o f the local culture and enhance their oral proficiency through interactions with local people. The participants found the experience extremely rewarding and precious. The Summer Study Abroad Programme was first launched in the summer o f 1996. Chung Chi students at the University of Washington