Newsletter No. 131

News 1
Poll Shows HK People Realistic about Financial Future 1
Short Course in Outcomes and Effectiveness Research 1
Efforts to Preserve Sight 1
Eye Research 1
Staff Development Programmes/Grants 2
Exchange with a Technological Theme 2
Orientation for New Teaching Staff 2
Orientation Camp for Medically Inclined Sixth-formers 2
Summer of Language-learning and Culture 2
Features 3
New Dean, New visions: Prof. S.T. Kwok Outlines Plans for the Faculty of Arts 3
Announcements 4
Professorial Appointments 4
Salary Revision 4
Visa Extension 4
Annual Academic Staff Review and Staff Development Grant Applications/Nominations 4
Staff Development Grants/Programmes 1999–2000 4
Integrated Database of Ancient Chinese Texts on the Internet 5
New Charges for Staff Buses 5
ULS Closed on Public Holidays 5
Hepatitis Awareness Campaign 5
University Swimming Pool Notices 5
Amendment to Campus Parking Regulations 5
Personalia 6