Newsletter No. 132

2 No. 132 4th October 1998 CUHK Newsletter Li K o on C h un H a l l Opens Dr. and Mrs. Simon Li Fook Sean unveil the plaque to mark the opening of Li Koon Chun Hall. They are accompanied by Dr. Lee Hon Chiu, chairman of the Council (left 1), and Prof. Arthur K.C. Li, Vice-Chancellor (right 1). LiKoon Chun Hall, a lecture theatre in Sino Bu i l d i ng, wa s o f f i c i a l ly opened on 3rd September. The naming o f the hall after M r L i Koon Chun was a gesture o f gratitude o f the Un i v e r s i ty towards Dr . th e Honourable S imon L i , G B M , wh o pledged a generous donation t o support the University's staff and student development programmes an d academic exchange activities, and to improve facilities on campus. Mr. L i Koon Chun was th e late father o f Dr. L i an d was prominent in the rice trade, shipping, and real estate i n Hong K o ng before the Second World War. H e wa s also a founder o f the Bank o f East Asia, a Justice of the Peace, and a director o f the Tung Wah Group o f Hospitals an d o f P o Leung Kuk. A t th e opening ceremony, vice- chancellor of the University Prof. Arthur K.C. L i thanked Dr . Simon L i fo r hi s generosity and expressed his appreciation of Dr. L i ' s contribution t o education. Guests attending th e function included Dr. Le e Quo-wei, GBM, Si r Kenneth Fung, and members o f the L i family. New Centre to Promote Putonghua Education The Centre f o r Research and Development of Putonghua Education was officially opened i n Ho Tim Building on 9th September 1998. Established under a contract signed last December among th e University's Faculty o f Education, the Ho ng K o ng Institute o f Educational Research, and the State Language and Writing Commission, the centre i s devoted t o th e promotion o f Putonghua education, the training o f Putonghua teachers, the initiation o f academic research, and th e publication o f research findings and teaching materials, s o that Putonghua can b e widely accepted i n Hong Kong. Th e centre i s also equipped with a hi-tech computer system that conducts Putonghua proficiency tests via computer software. The tests have been endorsed b y the State Language and Writing Commission. Those who pass w i ll b e qualified t o teach Putonghua. Prof. Y.P. Chung, dean of education, speaking at the opening ceremony of the centre Subject Panels under the Research Committee Reconstituted T he membership o f the seven subject panels under the Research Committee ha s recently been reconstituted. The members w i ll serve a term of two years from 1 st August 1998. One major function o f the panels i s t o help improve th e quality an d presentation of research proposals prepared by faculty members for submission to the Research Grants Council fo r funding support. Arts and Languages Panel Prof. So Kee-long Billy (Convener) Prof. Chan Sau-yan Prof. Chiang Ying-ho Prof. Archie Lee Prof. Lee Wood-hung Prof. L i Hon-lam Prof. Tam Kwok-kan Prof. Gladys Tang Mr. Tong Kam-tang Prof. Wong Wang-chi Biological Science Panel Prof. Samuel Sun (Convener) Prof. Fung Kwok Pui Prof. Walter K.K. H o Prof. Kwan Hoi Shan Prof. David S.C. Tsang Prof. Wong Po Keung Prof. Norman Y.S. Woo Business Administration Panel Prof. Charles Arthur Ingene (Convener) Prof. Kevin Au Prof. Chan Koon-hung Prof. Irene Chow Prof. He Jia Prof. Lawrence Leung Engineering Panel Prof. Leung Kwong-sak (Convener) Prof. L iDuan Prof. Liew Soung-chang Prof. Wang Jun Prof. Wong Sai-peng Prof. Xu Le i Medicine Panel Prof. Lee Cheuk-yu (Convener) Prof. Moses Chow Prof. Patricia Chow Prof. Sydney Chung Prof. J.A.J.H. Critchley Prof. R.R. Fiscus Prof. T.F. Fok Prof. C.B. Hazlett Prof. N.M. Hjelm Prof. P.J. Johnson Prof. R.L. Jones Prof. C. Metreweli Prof. J.E. Sanderson Physical Science Panel Prof. L iWai Kee (Convener) Prof. Steve Au-Yeung Chik Fun Prof. Lam Yeh Prof. Lau Ka Sing Prof. Leo Lau Social Science and Education Panel Prof. Leung Kwok (Convener) Prof. Kenneth Chau Prof. Chung Yue Ping Prof. Hau Ki tTai Prof. Kuan Hsin Chi Prof. Lau Siu Ka i Prof. Leslie L o Prof. Tom Peters Prof. Sung Yun Wing Prof. Tsang Wing Kwong Prof. Yeung Yue Man AGATHERINGofENGINEERS The Symposium o n Image, Speech, Signal Processing, and Robotics was organized b y th e Department o f E l ec t r on ic Eng i nee r i ng an d th e Depa r tment o f Mechan i cal an d Automation Engineering o n 3rd and 4t h September on campus. The s ympos i um provided a platform fo r researchers i n th e field t o exchange up-to-date technical knowledge an d experience. Prof. Arogyaswami Paulraj o f Stanford University an d Prof. Yuen F . Zheng o f Ohio State University, th e keynote speakers, spoke respectively o n signal processing f o r t h i rd generation wireless communications and human- robot coordination. Over 120 academics from the world over presented papers i n the five concurrent workshops o f th e symposium. Th e keynote speakers an d local industrialists also participated i n a panel discussion on technology transfer. Panel discussion on technology transfer chaired by pro-vice- chancellor Prof. Kenneth Young (left 2) T D U SEMINAR S AN D ORIENTATIO N FO R STAF F A t the invitation of the Teaching Development Unit (TDU), Prof. Herbert W. Marsh, a world authority on student evaluation of teaching, conducted two seminars o n 'Capturing the Student's Perspectives' o n 24th August and 4th September. Over 4 0 teaching staff from different departments attended the seminars which were organized with an aim to support teachers in collecting student feedback and to provide resources for teaching enhancement. Th e T D U currently adopts th e Student Evaluation o f Educational Quality Questionnaire designed by Prof. Marsh. Then on 3rd September, TDU organized an orientation for some 70 new teaching assistants and graduate assistants o f the University t o prepare them fo r their jobs and brief them on the services of the University. The function began with a welcoming speech b y th e head o f the TDU, Prof. Leslie N . K . Lo , followed b y a drama performance b y academic staff, and lunch a t the Chung Ch i College staff club. I n the afternoon th e participants were introduced t o th e University's library an d computer services b y representatives from the relevant quarters. Prof. Herbert W. Marsh Drama performance by staff