Newsletter No. 141

News 1
CHI for Quality Housing at Affordable Prices in China 1
Survey Questions 'Are they sick in the body or the mind?' 1
Partnership with SmarTone and Ericsson to Boost Mobile Communications 1
Young Onset Diabetes Associated with Genetics 1
Faculty of Medicine Honours Ten Favourite Teachers 2
Vertical Studio Building 2
Seminars to Improve Teaching and Learning 2
Conference Examines Psychological Well-being of Pregnant Women 2
Symposium Explores Future and Practice of Nursing Oncology 2
Features 2
Identification of Gene Mutation Opens Doors to Cancer Cure 2
New Books 3
Service to the Community and International Organizations 3
Announcements 4
Home Financing Allowance (HFA) 4
UHS Health Campaigns 4
Mail Delay 4
Art Museum Exhibition 4
Personalia 5