Newsletter No. 143

News 1
CUHK Launches Digital Library Initiative 1
HK Girls in Dangerous Pursuit of Thin Body 1
Workshop on Advancing Family Medicine on Mainland 1
Funding Support for Research Activities 1
Treatment Late for Children with Mental Problems 2
More TDU Seminars 2
Features 2
Are Times Propitious for a BBA Programme in Hotel Management? Acting Director of the School of Hotel Management Prof. Lee Kam-hon Shares His Views 2
New Books 3
Announcements 4
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Schemes 4
ULS Launches Web of Science 4
iHome—The CUHK Community Homepage Server 4
CSC Seminars on Technology for Teaching and Learning (April 1999) 4
DAAD Invites Papers for International Academic Forum at the World Exhibition 2000 in Hannover, Germany 5
Swimming Pool News 5
Corrigendum 5
Service to the Community and International Organizations 5
Personalia 5