Newsletter No. 147

News 1
CU Researchers Win Recognition and Funding Support 1
Teleconference between Faculty of Medicine and Shantou University 1
Children Transcend Language and Distance in Virtual Classroom 1
WHO Meeting Addresses Exercise for the Elderly 1
Biotechnology Research for Better Food and Health 2
Web-enhanced Learning 2
Announcements 3
Tackle the Y2K Problem Now 2
Election of Faculty Deans 3
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Schemes 3
Job Titles of Personnel Officers 3
Acting Appointment 3
Hong Kong and Guangdong Perspectives of College English Teaching 3
Technology for Teaching and Learning Series: 'Web-based Teaching on Campus' 3
Obtaining SCS Prospectus 3
University Swimming Pool Notice 4
Canteen Overhaul and Renovation Schedule 4
Service to the Community and International Organizations 4
Personalia 4