Newsletter No. 149

News 1
Outstanding Achievements of CUHK Students 1
Distinguished Researcher in Plant Taxonomy Awarded Honorary Professorship 1
Increased Collaboration with Mainland Institutions 1
A Summer of Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars 2
Medical Efforts Targetted at the Old and the Very Young 3
Beyond the Curriculum 3
Secondary School Students on CU Campus 3
Tasting the Latest in Biology 3
Induction for Graduate Students Complete 3
O & G Symposium 2
Epidemic of the Millennium—Osteoporosis 3
From Epithelial Cells to Diseases 1
Second Rhodes Scholar in Two Years 1
Computer Programming Champion 1
Biomedical Engineering to Promote Health 1
Milestone Set for Paediatric Minimally Invasive Surgery 3
Workshop to Develop a School Leadership Profile 2
New Asia Students Visit Taiwan for Cultural Understanding 3
Experiencing Medical O'Camp 3
Partaking in a Marathon in Science 3
English Majors Tour England 3
Summer Training for Mainland Microbiologists 2
Light Shed on Sudden Infant Death 3
Winning Student Investors 1
Conference Examines Roles of Psychologists in HK 2
Concert Shows Originality of Music Majors 3
Going Abroad to Brush up Language Skills 3
Pan-Pacific Nurses Gather at CUHK 2
Annual Meeting of Decision Sciences Institute 2
Seaweeds Under Scrutiny at Forum 2
Interdisciplinary Conference Examines Social and Cultural Boundaries 2
HK and Mainland Teachers Explore Better Ways to Teach English 2
International Experts Discuss Future of Robotics 2
Common Bean May Hold Answer to Health 2
Conference Examines Global Supply Chain Management 2
World Class Bioscientists Discuss Topical Issues in HK 2
Personalia 4
Announcements 5
Professorial Appointments 5
Staff Development Grants/Programmes 2000–2001 5
Annual Academic Staff Review and Staff Development Grants Applications/Nominations 5
Student Campus Work Scheme 1999–2000 6
CSC/ITSU Courses for September 6
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Schemes 6
Hepatitis Awareness Campaign 6
Discounted Notebooks for CU Staff and Students 6
University Swimming Pool Notice 6
Features 7
A Web-based Database to Record Staff Service to the Community and CUHK 7