Newsletter No. 151

News 1
CUHK Fares Excellent in AoE Scheme 1
Recognized Research Efforts 1
Honours for CUHK Staff, Students, and Alumni 1
CU to Undertake a Comprehensive Environmental Audit 2
A New Supercomputer to Support Data-intensive Research 2
Faculty of Medicine Visit Beijing 2
Colourful Summer for CC Students 2
New Department Heads 3
Negotiating Boundaries: A Department that Finds Its Identity in Interdisciplinarity and In-Betweenness 3
Announcements 4
Council Membership 4
New Members of the United College Board of Trustees 4
Wei Lun Lecture 4
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Schemes 4
Children's Education Allowance 4
Golf Club Membership 4
RCT Book Exhibition 5
University Library System Closure 5
Personalia 5