Newsletter No. 155

News 1
Five to Receive Honorary Doctorates 1
Social Policies to Reconcile Capital and People 2
Conference to Promote Remote Sensing 2
A Booster for Local Religious Education 2
What Captures the Attention of Clinical Pharmacologists 2
First APEC Study Centre in HKSAR Set Up at CUHK 2
Traditional Chinese Diet Helps Ward Off Heart Disease 2
The Honourable Donald Tsang Yam-kuen 1
Prof. Daniel Chee Tsui 1
Prof. Amartya Kumar Sen 1
Prof. Fei Xiaotong 1
Mrs. Daisy Li Woo Tze-ha 1
New Department Heads 3
New Chair of Social Work Calls for More Contact with Service Targets in the Profession 3
Service to the Community and International Organizations 4
Announcements 5
Arrangements for the Fifty-fifth Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees 4
Gifts?Bribery? 5
Annual Staff Review 5
Staffing Arrangements for Christmas Eve 5
Academic Conference on 'Charitable Services and Social Forces in History' 5
Getting Prepared for the New Millennium 6
TDU Workshop 6
Safety Policy 6
Swimming Pool News 6
Art Museum Book Sale 6
Gearing up for the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes 7
Personalia 7