Newsletter No. 157

News 1
C.N. Yang Archive Set Up 1
From Regional Champion to World Finalist 1
New Centre to Study Genetics of Brain Tumour 1
Prof. Charles Kao Selected One of Five Most Influential Asians of the Century 1
Agreement Marks First Transfer of Chinese Medicinal Technology in HK 1
Experts Gather to Discuss Language in Education 2
Pioneering Treatment for Parkinson's Disease 3
International Conference on Gendered Mobilities in Asia 3
Conference Examines Love and Sexuality in Art and Literature 3
New Department Heads 2
More Than Hotel Managers: Director of School of Hotel Management Describes the End Product of Their Training 2
New Books 3
Announcements 4
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Schemes 4
New Academic Programmes 4
WebCT Training Programmes 4
Personalia 5