Newsletter No. 161

News 1
New Scholarship to Oxford 1
Grants from the British Council for UK-HK Joint Research 1
CU Students Present Best BA Paper of the Year 1999 1
Activity Crucial for Better Life, Says Wei Lun Professor 1
China Hope Project Personnel Receive Training on CU Campus 2
Teaching Cell on Web-Based Teaching 2
Experts Gather to Combat Osteoporosis 3
National Screening Programmes for Cervical Cancer under Scrutiny 3
Features 2
Research Focus: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! New Challenges in the Optimization of Stochastic Diffusion Processes 2
Announcements 4
Professorial Appointment 4
Wei Lun Lecture on Knowledge-based Economy in China 4
Annual Adjustment of Home Financing Scheme (HFS) 4
Staff Development Grants 4
SCS Offers Special Discount to CUHK Full-time Staff 4
Library Opening Hours During Ching Ming and Easter Holidays 4
Dragon League Accounting Case Competition 2000 4
Oral Health Campaign 5
Parallel Programming Workshop for SGI Origin 2000 Users 5
Personalia 5