Newsletter No. 165

2 No. 165 19th May 2000 CUHK Newsletter Learning Ho w t o Figh t Heart Diseas e Nowadays fewer patient s di e fro m acute hear t attac k an d more suffe r from subacut e heart diseases, which ma y last fo r years . Thi s i s attributabl e t o advances i n treatmen t wh i c h paradoxically have resulte d i n increase d resources bein g spen t o n lookin g afte r these patients . The Centr e fo r Atherosclerosi s Studies o f th e C U H K F a c u l t y o f Me d i c i n e, th e Co u n c i l o n C l i n i c a l C a r d i o l o gy o f t h e W o r l d He a r t Federation, an d the Chines e Societ y o f Ca r d i o l ogy o f th e Chines e Me d i c a l Association of China jointly organized an international teachin g symposiu m fo r over a thousand practising doctor s fro m 24th t o 29t h A p r i l , sequentiall y i n B e i j i n g , X i a n , an d H o n g K o n g . Discussion centre d aroun d coronar y artery diseas e an d hypertension 一 th e two mos t commo n cause s o f cardiovascular disease an d stroke . Wo r l d - renowned cardiologist s fro m Australia , USA, Europe , Hong Kong, and mainland Ch i na exami ne d th e p u b l i c healt h i mp l i c a t i o ns o f r a p i d age i n g an d urbanization. Recent advances in treating atherosclerosis a s we ll a s strategie s i n primary an d secondary prevention wer e also discussed . Mainland Pa t i en t s i n Pove r ty Rece i v e H e l p T he Yu Wing Rehabilitation Fund was established b y th e Departmen t o f Orthopaedics an d Traumatology o n 18t h April t o provide fre e medical service s t o disabled person s i n povert y a s we l l a s burns patient s o n th e mainland . Th e project ha s bee n mad e possibl e b y a generous donatio n o f $ 2 million fro m a Mr. Law . For th e comin g thre e years , i t i s planned tha t th e f un d w i l l suppor t orthopaedic surger y fo r 10 0 patients an d provide rehabilitatio n service s t o 20 0 patients. I t w i l l als o hel p specifi c localities se t up thei r ow n rehabilitatio n training facilities . Shor t courses on basic rehabilitation w i l l thu s be organized fo r local health care workers; prosthesis an d orthotic trainin g and service centres w i l l also be set up to suppor t patients . Explor ing th e Anti-cance r Potent ia l of Chines e Medicin e O ver 20 0 academi c s , me d i c a l p r o f e s s i o n a l s, an d p a t i e n t s attended the Workshop o n the Treatmen t o f Cance r Usin g Traditiona l Chines e Medicine hel d o n 20t h Ap r il i n the Ch o Y i u Conferenc e Hall . Th e even t wa s jointly organize d by New Asi a College , the Institute of Chinese Medicine, and the S c h o o l o f Ch i n e s e M e d i c i n e t o c ommemo r a te N e w A s i a ' s go l de n jubilee. S i x t e en gue s t s s pea k e r s 一 academics an d expert s fro m mainlan d China, Taiwan, USA, Spain , Canada, and South Korea 一 delivere d lectures in tw o sessions, one on the treatment modalitie s and the other o n research methodology . Chaired b y Prof . P.C . Leung , hea d of New Asia College , the workshop wa s sponsored b y Dr . Cho u Wen-hsien , chairman of the New Asia College Boar d o f Trustees , th e Crouche r Foundation , and th e Hon g Kon g Institut e o f Biotechnology Ltd. MeetingProbes Treatment for Bone Tumours and Care for Patients A panel o f distinguishe d speaker s f r om th e U K , I t a l y , USA , an d Singapore, and some 15 0 delegates fro m Hong Kong , mainlan d China , an d othe r countries i n th e Asia-Pacific , Europe , and Ame r i c a p a r t i c i p a t e d i n th e t h i r d mee t i n g o f th e A s i a Pa c i f i c M u s c u l o s k e l e t al T u m o r S o c i e t y (APMSTS). Entitle d ' APMST S 200 0 and Beyond' , th e even t was hel d on 3r d and 4t h Ma y a t th e Princ e o f Wale s Hospital. A P M S T S w a s founded i n 199 3 b y th e participants o f the sevent h me e t i n g o f th e International Society o f L im b Salvage i n Singapore , with their observation tha t there we r e i mp o r t a n t d i f f e r ences i n th e behavioural patterns an d o u t c o m e s o f A s i a n and We s t e r n pa t i en t s following th e occurrenc e o f ma l i gnan t tumours . APMSTS wa s founde d to acknowledg e these differences an d provide a forum fo r collaborative researc h an d exchange o n the best ways to treat these patients. Sinc e then, th e societ y ha s becom e a well - established multidisciplinar y organization involved i n th e treatmen t o f bon e tumours. I t ha s recentl y extende d it s concern beyon d th e hospita l t o includ e patients wh o ar e dyin g an d ma y nee d hospice care . COMPLETE FAMILY IMPOSSIBLE AFTER DIVORCE ? A seminar on 'Post-Divorce Co - parenting' wa s organize d b y the Family Socia l Work Practic e an d Research Projec t o f the Departmen t of Socia l Wor k o n 29t h April . Th e seminar, targette d a t divorcing an d divorced parents , challenge d th e my th tha t post-divorc e familie s would be single-parent families , and presented successful models of post- divorce co-parentin g identified fro m a research project conducte d by th e department. University Press New Books The followin g book s ar e availabl e t o Universit y staf f a t a 20 pe r cen t discoun t a t th e University Bookstore , John Fulton Centre . China Business: Challenges in the 21st Century To be successful i n China , foreig n businesses have to be well - informed o f the challenges Chin a faces today. China was still a centrally-planned econom y w i t h fe w internationa l tie s thre e decades ago . Ther e wa s neithe r opportunit y t o gai n moder n management expertis e nor any meaningful legal and regulatory framework t o rel y OIL Howeve r i t i s no w improvin g w i t h unrivalled energ y and a determination to make up for los t time . Edited by Olive r Y.M . Ya u an d Henry C . Steele , th e boo k consists of four sections: The Business Environment, Managemen t Issues, Sale s and Marketing, an d International Business , whic h address a wide range of business issues and are the results of careful research. They offer a glimpse int o the complexity o f doing business in China today. Contributors o f the chapter s come from business circles as well a s academia. This book i s a useful reference for readers studying the economy an d market in Chin a and a guide for those intending to do business in China . ISBN 962-201-853-X , paperback, 514 pages, HK$190 Social Development and Political Change in Hong Kong British rul e i n Hon g Kon g ende d in 1997 . I t i s now timel y an d intellectually inspirin g to look bac k at the last 25 years of Britis h rule, whe n Hon g Kon g wa s transforme d fro m a low-cos t manufacturing bas e into on e of Asia's mos t vibrant internationa l service centres. The underlying social and political tensions of the local community durin g this period of change is the focus of this collection of articles written by well-known scholars in Hong Kong and edited by Lau Siu-kai . What hav e bee n the mora l value s an d motivation s o f th e Chinese population during this period of economic growth ? Ho w was the population organized and how were political parties formed to air their old grievances and newly found legitimate claims? How did the Hong Kong British government cope with such social forces and conflicts both in the urban areas and among the rural communities? What have been the identities and allegiances of the loca l populace i n view o f the Chinese recovery o f the city? These and many othe r questions ar e answere d base d o n decade-lon g survey s an d statistica l analyse s i n thi s monograph. The book will be a useful reference for politicians, government officials, policy-makers, and all those interested in studying the social development and politics o f Hong Kong . ISBN 962-201-870-X , paperback, 478 pages, HK$180