Newsletter No. 165

News 1
More Research Support 1
CUHK Task Force to Examine Education Reforms 1
More Visitors from France 1
Young Composer Wins International Competition 1
Learning How to Fight Heart Disease 2
Mainland Patients in Poverty Receive Help 2
Exploring the Anti-cancer Potential of Chinese Medicine 2
Meeting Probes Treatment for Bone Tumours and Care for Patients 2
Complete Family Impossible after Divorce? 2
University Press New Books 2
Features 3
Faculty of Social Science Rewards Exemplary Teaching 3
Announcements 4
Professorial Appointments 4
CSC/ITSU Renamed Information Technology Services Centre 4
Updating of Staff Personal Data 4
University Swimming Pool Notice 5
University Library System Summer Opening Hours 5
Disturbance Related to Pak Shek Kok Reclamation 5
Corrigendum 5
Personalia 7