Newsletter No. 167

News 1
The Third in Three Consecutive Years: Another Rhodes Scholar from CUHK 1
New Smartcard Technology Licensed to Industry 1
CUMBA Team Won International Marketing Competition 1
More Support for Research Projects 1
Linkage with EFEO Reinforced 1
Partnership to Advance Software Development 2
Academics Gather to Study Implications of Asian Economic Crisis 2
Tumour Course Broadcast Live to Mainland Via Telemedicine 2
Lecture on Improving Schooling Outcome Measurement 2
Experts Warn of Emerging Issues in Women's Health 2
Conference on Methodology of Small Risk Studies 2
New Initiatives for an Even More Environment-Friendly Campus 3
Web-based Teaching and Cooperative Learning 3
M.Arch. Graduation Exhibition 3
Personalia 4
Announcements 5
Call for Applications from CERG and ITF 5
Renaming of CSC/ITSU 5
Revised Rates for Housing Benefit Schemes 5
UHS Activities 5
University Swimming Pool Notice 5
Obituaries 5