Newsletter No. 187

CUHK Newsletter 2 No. 187 4th September 2001 CUHK Student Wins First Accounting Award M iss Lee Kwan Tung, a first-year a c c o u n t i ng s t u d e nt at t he University, was awarded the first Sanford Yung Scholarship. The Sanford Yung Scholars Programme for Excellence in Ac coun t i ng Studies was established earlier this year by Mr. Sanford Yung, former chairman of Coopers & Lybrand H o n g K o n g ( n o w r e n a m e d PricewaterhouseCoopers). It provides one scho l a r sh ip each year to the most outstanding first-year accounting student f r om a local university. The aim is to encourage the pursuit o f accounting studies in the universities of Hong Kong and p r o m o t e e x c e l l e n ce i n t he accountancy field. The awardee will receive a cash award of HK$200,000 to cover all expenses in his/her remaining two years of university studies. And upon completion o f the second-year programme, the awardee wi ll be sent to N ew Y o r k or ano t her commercially comparable city overseas for an eight-week summer placement at one o f the B ig Five firms, w i th return air passage provided plus HK$30,000 for personal expenses. A total of 23 first-year accounting students were recommended by six local universities for the 2001 award. Miss Lee Kw an Tung 's impressive academic achievements, brilliant track record in voluntary services and extra-curricular activities made her the unanimous choice of the selection panel. MoreSupport for CUHKResearch T he following 10 research activities unde r t aken by the Un i v e r s i t y, including research projects, a symposium, and a l abo r a t o r y, attracted f und i ng support from different quarters locally: • Long - t e rm Care for the Elderly in Hong Kong —W h a t Constitutes Quality and Wh at Resources Are Needed to Achieve This (HK$500,000) Sponsor: S.K. Yee Medical Foundation Principal investigator. Prof. Jean Woo ( D e p a r t me nt o f M e d i c i ne and Therapeutics) • Effect of H i gh Glycemic Index Foods on Recovery f r om Prolonged Exercise (HK$ 100,050) Sponsor: H o n g K o n g S p o r t s Development Board Principal investigator: Prof. Stephen Wong Heung-sang (Department o f Sports Science and Physical Education) • An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Multisensory Environment on Clients w i th Learning Disability (HK$410,952) Sponsor. Health Care and Promotion Fund Principal investigator: Prof. Sally W.C. Chan (Department of Nursing) • Technology Development for Assessing Chinese Medicinal Materials for Treating Alzheimer's Disease (HK$ 1,292,000) Sponsors'. Innovation and Technology Fund and BioEngine Innovations Ltd. Principal investigator: Prof. Shaw P a n g - c h u i ( D e p a r t m e n t o f Biochemistry, and Institute of Chinese Medicine) Co-investigators: Prof. K.P. Fung, Prof. D.C.C. Wan, and Prof. R.R. Fiscus • To Assess the Effectiveness of a Nurse-led Sexual Health Promotion Project Amongst Hong Kong Adolescents (HK$527,960) Sponsor. Health Care and Promotion Fund Principal investigator: Dr. Sheila Twinn (Department of Nursing) • International Symposium on Ceil Signal — F r om Diseases to D r ug Discovery (HK$650,000) Sponsor. Innovation and Technology Fund Principal investigator: Prof. H.C. Chan (Department of Physiology) Co-investigators : Prof. Jun Wang, Prof. Paul But, Prof. Ma ry Waye, Prof. Ronald Fiscus, Prof. S.B. Chew, Prof. P.S. Leung, Pr o f. X . Q. Yao, Mr. Richard Eu, and Mr. Thomas Cheung • Towards Cost-effective E-business in the News Med ia and Publishing I ndus t ry Using NewsML (HK$6,058,800) Sponsor: Innovation and Technology Fund Principal investigator: Prof. Wong Kam - f ai (Depa r tment o f Systems E n g i n e e r i ng and E n g i n e e r i ng Management) Co-investigators : Prof. Wai Lam, Prof. Chris Yang, Prof. David Cheung, and Prof. Qin Lu • T h i r d Cross-strait Symposium on Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (HK$365,000) Sponsor. Innovation and Technology Fund Principal investigator. Prof. Samuel Sun (Department of Biology) Co-investigators.. Dr. H.M. Lam, Dr. L.P.S. Liu, Dr. Ning Li, Dr. Yip Wing- kin, and Dr. Jianwah Zhang • Photonic Packaging Labo r a t o ry (HK$ 11,452,000) Sponsor. Innovation and Technology Fund Principal investigator: Prof. Frank Tong (Department o f I n f o rma t i on Engineering) Co-investigators: Prof. Tsang Hon, Prof. Chester Shu, Prof. L i an Chen, Prof. C . K. Chan, Pr o f. K w o k W. Cheung, Prof. K . L . Wu , Prof. K.T. Chan, Prof. S.P. Wong, Prof. Wen L i, and Prof. Michael Yu Wang • New Initiatives for School-based Management to Promote Healthy Educational Environments: the Hong Kong Healthy Schools Awa rd Scheme (HK$21,928,000) Sponsor. Quality Education Fund Principal investigator: Prof. Albert Lee ( Depa r tment o f Commu n i ty and Family Medicine) Co-investigators : Dr. Tsang Kwong-ka, Prof. Lee Shiu-hung, and Prof. To Cho- yee Prof. Julian ArthurJohnHall Critchley BSC, PhD, M B C h B , M R CP ( U K ) , FRCP ( Ed i n, L o n d & Glas), F H K C P , F H K A M (Med i c i ne) (4th August 1950- 13th July 2001) P r o f . J u l i an A r t h u r John H a l l Critchley, born on 4th August 1950 i n Kent, England, had a tragic and un t ime ly death f o l l ow i ng a t r a f f ic accident on Friday 13th July 2001 in Hong Kong. Prof. Critchley graduated f r om the Un i v e r s i ty o f Ed i nbu r gh holding both BSc and MBChB degrees. He was an accredited specialist in Internal Medicine and Renal Medicine as well as in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. He had been awarded fellowships by the three Royal Colleges of Physicians in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow, and was a foundation fellow o f the Ho ng K o n g A c a d emy o f Med i c i ne and a f e l l ow o f the Hong Kong College of Physicians. He had received numerous awards during his undergraduate and postgraduate days. In 1979, he was awarded the h i g h ly prestigious Medical Research Council T r a i n i ng F e l l ow s h i p, w h i c h was howe v er not t aken up due to his appointment as a lecturer and physician in the Department of Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Edinburgh. Before he came to Hong Kong, he was wo r k i ng as a clinical pharmacologist and toxicologist under the guidance of Prof. L. Prescott at the r e n o w n ed R e g i o n a l P o i s o n i n g/ Intoxication Treatment Centre at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Prof. Critchley was a unique person w i th diverse talents, knowledge, and s k i l l s. A p a r t f r om his ex t ens i ve experience and expertise in toxicology and c l i n i cal pha rmaco l ogy, he had p a r t i c u l a r r esea r ch i n t e r e s ts i n hypertension and his PhD thesis was based on the pathogenic roles o f the adrenal medulla in hypertension. During his lectureship in Edinburgh, he had travelled extensively to examine the dopamine-related natriuretic responses a n d t h e i r r e l a t i o n s h i ps w i t h hypertension in different ethnic groups. Despite his heavy clinical and research commitments, he continued his active role in the Royal Navy Reserves, returning annually to the UK for service training. He was recently promoted to Surgeon Commande r, the highest civilian rank. It was through his Royal Navy Reserves duties that he paid his first visit to Hong Kong and to The Ch i nese U n i v e r s i ty in 1988. He subsequently took up the chairmanship o f t he D e p a r t m e nt o f C l i n i c a l Pha rmaco l ogy at the then nascent Faculty o f Medicine o f The Chinese University in May 1989. Thanks to his passion and hard work, his department has grown from a department o f t wo members to the current one with more than 20 dedicated clinical scientists, molecular biologists, technicians, nurses, pharmacists and postgraduate students. When he first came to Hong Kong, he set up the first ever 2 4 - h o u r D r u g and Po i s on I n f o rma t i on Bureau at the Prince o f Wales Hospital, providing information and advice to health care professionals on poisoning and therapeutics in Hong K o n g . Under his l eade r sh i p, his department has contributed significantly Workshop Examines the Latest in Medical IT H ow do dental surgeons predict the outcome of the reconstruction of a jaw completely smashed in an accident? How can surgeons operate on a trauma deep inside a human brain just as i f it is right in front of them? Information technology has changed medical science significantly. Advances in computer-assisted diagnosis, treatment, and training have been made possible by the merging of medical imaging and virtual reality. Researchers in computer science, electrical engineering, physics, and clinical medicine from the world over presented the latest developments in the ever growing area of medical imaging at the International Workshop on Med i c al Imag i ng and Augmented Reality held from 10th to 12th June 2001 at the Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building. The programme covered s e s s i o n s i n c l u d i n g 'Intervention and Surgical Planning', 'Adaptive and F u n c t i o n al I ma g i ng i n C a r d i o v a s c u l ar MR', 'Computational Simulation and Modelling', and 'Image S e g m e n t a t i o n a n d Understanding', as well as a poster session and a student paper award presentation.