Newsletter No. 194

News 1
4,142 Degrees Conferred at 57th Congregation 1
CUHK Chemist Made Member of Chinese Academy Sciences 1
Three Wei Lun Lectures by Experts in Physiology, Sociology, and Marketing 2
Promoting Chinese Medicine and Its Collaboration with Western Medicine 2
Update on Latest in Cardiovascular Research 2
Li & Fung 95th Anniversary Lecture on Commerce and Industry 3
Medical Education Assessment in Focus at Conference 3
Nobel Laureate in Economics Discusses Asymmetric Information 3
Conference Examines How HK Can Meet Challenges of Globalization 3
Recognition Given to CUHK Research Associate and Graduate Student 3
Announcements 4
New Academic Programmes 4
Updating of Staff Personal Data 4
Certificate Course in Information Technology Essentials 4
Obituaries 4
Service to the Community and International Organizations 4
Personalia 5