Newsletter No. 202

News 1
Rare Book Room Opens at University Library 1
Conference Takes Close Look at Cancer Trials in Asia 1
New Clinic Offers One-stop Disease Prevention Service 1
CUHK Staff Win Family Medicine Research Award 1
Optimism Called for to Cope with Challenges in the Workplace 2
Local Consumers Still Cautious and Passimistic, Economic Survey Shows 2
MBA Students Produce Outstanding Business Plan 2
Ninth New Asia-Yale University Student Exchange 2
Letter to the Editor 2
On the Internal Research Assessment Exercise 2
Features 2
Safe and Green: No More Slipping and Sliding of Slopes on Campus 3
Personalia 4
Service to the Community and International Organizations 4
Announcements 5
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Schemes and MPFS 5
Department of Psychology 20th Anniversary Symposium 5
Putonghua and Cantonese Courses for Staff and Staff Spouses 5
Graduation Exhibition of the Department of Fine Arts 5
Temporary Closure of Elisabeth Luce Moore Library 5
Charity Movie Premiere for Institute of Chinese Medicine 4