Newsletter No. 204

2 No. 204 4th June 2002 CUHK Newsletter Business Students Visit Top Corporations in Asia S ome 230 undergraduates of the Faculty of Business Administration began a week- l ong v i s it on 13th May to 40 l ead i ng corporations, government agencies, and universities in Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, and Shanghai. Institutions covered include the Bank of Japan, Japan Airlines, Sony Corporation, NTT DoCoMo Inc., Nomura Holdings, National University of Singapore, National Computer System Pte. Ltd., Lynk Biotechnologies Pte. L t d . , Ts i nghua Un i v e r s i t y, and Fudan University. During their visit, the students met with senior executives of the organizations. This programme is intended to provide an opportunity for students to acquire international exposure, understand r ea l - l i fe business management challenges confronting corporate leaders today, and to exchange views with their counterparts from China's top universities. As part of their background briefing, Mr. Mike Rowse, director-general of Invest Hong Kong, spoke to the students on 'Hong Kong's Strategy in Attracting Inward Investment' on 10th May in the Esther Lee Building. 2002 S t e p h en C.Soong Translation StudiesMemorial Awards R esults for the 2002 Stephen C. Soong Translation Studies Memorial Awards were announced following an adjudicators' meeting on 17th May 2002. The two awardees are Chang Nam Fung (Lingnan University), whose winning piece is 'From the Margin to the Centre (?) On the Past and Future of Chinese Translation Studies from the Point of View of the Polysystem Theory' (in Chinese); and Zeng Lisha (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies), whose winning piece is 'On "Rules" and the Dialectical Relationship Between Translation Theory and Practice' (in Chinese). In addition, two entries received honourable mention: 'Cultural Hybridity and the Translated Text: Re-Reading D.H. Lawrence in Chinese' by Leo Chan Tak-hung (Lingnan University), and 'The Chinese and Western Translation Traditions in Comparison' by Tan Zaixi (Hong Kong Baptist University). The panel of adjudicators consisted of Dr. Mary Fung, Dr. Eva Hung, Prof. David Pollard, and Prof. Wang Kefei. To Learn Through Practice Chung Chi College Toastmasters Club To be a toastmaster and a committee member of the Chung Chi College Toastmasters Club, the most important thing is to learn through practice. On every Saturday starting last September, a group of some 40 Chung Chi College Toastmasters Club members gather on the Chung Chi college campus for one-and-a-half hours to learn public speaking and practise their presentation skills. The weekly meeting follows the format of the International Toastmasters Club in the United States, which includes a prepared speech section, an impromptu speech section, and an evaluation section, conducted mostly by the student members themselves. The prepared speech section requires the speaker to prepare a short speech before handing it in and presenting it to the audience during the meeting. The impromptu speech section requires members to speak for one-and-a-half minutes on a topic with no preparation. In the evaluation section, speakers are being evaluated by senior members or guests on their performance. Our club is strongly supported by the teaching and administrative staff of the college and veterans of the Toastmasters Clubs in Hong Kong, Two or three experienced toastmasters from other clubs give workshops or act as evaluators in each of our meetings. Our club was chartered in March 2002, becoming the 28th club in the Hong Kong Division. To mark this momentous event and to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Chung Chi College, the college held a charter presentation ceremony on 20th April 2002. Prof. Rance P.L. Lee, head of college, and Mr. Talis Wong, Division H Governor, Toastmasters International, officiated at the ceremony, which was attended by over 70 students and staff of the college. It has been amarvellous year working as the president for the Chung Chi College Toastmasters Club. Being a committee member, I have learnt a lot about job delegation and cooperation. At a personal level, I have become a better public speaker. I remember that back in Form Two, during one of my oral examinations, I was so nervous that I forgot my whole speech and stood in front of the class without saying anything for almost a minute. Who would have ever thought that I would participate in the Toastmasters International Speech Contest eight years later? I was honoured to have won the In-House Prepared Speech Contest on 16th March 2002 and the Area H2 Speech Contest on 23rd March 2002. And it has been a great pleasure (and pressure) to represent the Area H2 in the Division H Contest on 27th April 2002. It took me a long time to revise the speech, and I was fortunate to be given help on delivery and language use by other toastmasters. The most unforgettable thing, however, was that some professors, staff and members, in spite of their hectic schedules, gave me support by showing up during the contest. I will step down as President this September. I hope that the next committee would live up to the club motto To Learn Through Practice', and emphasize cooperation in polishing their public speaking skills. Chow Oi Wing ( E N G 3/3, Chung Chi College) Service to the Community and International Organizations • Prof. Charles K. Kao, honorary professor of engineering, has been appointed by the Chief Executive of the HKSAR as a member of the Council of Advisers on Innovation and Technology for two years from 20th April 2002. • Prof. Liu Pak Wai, professor of economics, has been appointed by the Chief Executive of the HKSAR as a member of the Council of Advisers on Innovation and Technology for two years from 20th April 2002. • Prof. Kwok Siu Tong, professor in the Department of History, has been appointed by the Chief Executive of the HKSAR as a member of the Release under Supervision Board of the Prisoners (Release under Supervision) Ordinance for three years from 10th May 2002. • Prof. Constantine Metreweli, professor of diagnostic radiology and organ imaging, has been appointed by the Secretary for Health and Welfare as a member of the Medical Council of Hong Kong from 12th April 2002 to 30th September 2003. • Prof. Diana T.F. Lee, associate professor in the Nethersole School of Nursing, has been appointed by the Secretary for Health andWelfare as a member of the Residential Care Homes (Elderly Persons) Appeal Board for two years from 25th April 2002. She has also been appointed by the chairman of the Nursing Council of Hong Kong as a member of the working group on Ethical Issues for Nurses and the Nursing Profession. • Dr. Kenneth Pang Kwok Hung, director of the University Health Service, has been re-appointed by the Secretary for Health and Welfare as a member of the Residential Care Homes (Elderly Persons) Appeal Board for two years from 25th April 2002. • Prof. Fok Tai Fai, professor of paediatrics, has been re-appointed as a member of the Nursing Council of Hong Kong for three years from 15th June 2002. • Prof. Sydney Chung, professor of surgery, has been appointed by the Hospital Authority as amember of the Regional Advisory Committee of the New Territories for two years from 1st April 2002. • Prof. Che Chun Tao, professor in the School of Chinese Medicine, has been re-appointed by the Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong as a member of the Committee on Assessment of Chinese Medicine Degree Courses for two years from 7th June 2002. • Mrs. Clara Lee, director of student affairs, has been re-appointed as the institutional representative of CUHK in the Joint Committee on Student Finance for a year from 1st May 2002. • Prof. Ambrose King, professor of sociology, has been appointed as a member of the 14th Board of Directors of Feng Chia University, Taiwan, until 10th September 2002. ( I n f o r m a t i o n in this section is provided by the Information and Public Relations Office. Contributions should be sent direct to that office for registration and verification before publication.) Research Centre for Translatio n e-mail: website: Notes of a Blissful Ghost By Yang Lian Translated by Brian Holton Yang Lian burst on the Chinese poetry scene in the late 1970s as a member of the Today group. The political storms of the last two decades have turned him into a writer in exile. Yang exploits this condition of exile to probe our human and linguistic p r e d i c a m e n t s. T h is l e a ds to a continuous reinvention of the poet's self and his chosen form of expression. In Yang's own words, he is always 'crossing boundaries and scaling walls'. This volume traces Yang's poetic career from 1982 to 2001. It is the most c omp r e h e n s i ve and r e p r e s e n t a t i ve collection of Yang's work to date. Yang was awarded the Italian Flaiano International Prize for Poetry in 1999. ISBN 962-7255-24-5, 160 pages, HK$89, US$14.95 Renditions No. 57 (Spring 2002) A miscellaneous issue featuring proverbs from H .A. Giles' Gems of Chinese Literature in bilingual format, stories from Eighty-one Dreams by Zhang Henshui and Yijian zhi by Hong Mai, Ming ditties by Feng Menglong, as well as contemporary poems by Hsi Muren, Han Dong, and Shu Ting. 132 pages, HK$99, US$25 The books are sold at a 30 per cent discount to staff members at the University bookshop, John Fulton Centre.