Newsletter Special Issue (2002)

2 Special Issue 30th July 2002 CUHK Newsletter 李国章校长任内大学的重要发展 Major Developments of the University Under the Vice-chancellorship of Professor Arthur K.C. Li 李国章教授自一九八二年起加入中大服务,先后出任医学院外科学 系创系讲座教授、系主任、医学院院长,以及大学校长。 李教授掌领外科学系期间(一九八二至一九九二年),该系无论在 教学、研究、学术出版,或竞逐科研经费方面,都取得异常卓越的成 绩,于短短十年间,成为国际知名的外科中心。 一九九二年及一九九五年,李教授两度当选医学院院长,全力筹划 该院发展,使之成为一所课程完善、师资优秀、设备一流的医学院,为 社会输送出色的医疗人才。该院于九十年代陆续增设新学系,成立新研 究及培训中心,为市民提供最现代化的医疗服务,又不断开拓新的医学 研究领域,在多方面取得突破,创造了多项香港纪录。目前中大医学院 设有廿一个学系/学院,全院二百二十多名教师,皆是来自世界各地最优 秀的专科人才。 一九九六年八月一日,李教授获大学校董会委任为香港中文大学校 长。李校长领导大学在原有的基础上作全方位的发展,屡创佳绩。今天 的中大,是一所卓越的高等学府,在全国以至国际上均已确立了良好的 声誉。现附列李校长任内大学之重要发展如下: Prof. Arthur K.C. Li first joined The Chinese University in 1982 as Foundation Chair of Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine. He was twice elected by his fellow medical professors in 1992 and 1995 to take on the deanship of the Medical Faculty. In 1995, he was appointed by the University Council to be vice-chancellor designate, and has served as vice-chancellor of the University since 1st August 1996. Starting from scratch, with the University's teaching hospital not even completed when he began service as head of the Department of Surgery, Prof. Li led the department to become one of the most reputable surgical centres in the world within just a decade. Under his deanship, new medical departments were established under the Faculty of Medicine, new research and training centres were set up to upgrade medical services for the public at the Prince of Wales Hospital, and major breakthroughs were achieved in a wide range of medical research. The faculty has now established itself as one of the leading academic units in Hong Kong and the neighbouring region. At the age of 51, Prof. Li was entrusted with the important task of leading The Chinese University to new heights in the 21st century. Under his leadership, the University has achieved tremendous progress on all fronts and become an academic institution of the highest standing in the region. What follows is a list of some of the major developments and achievements of the University under Prof. Li's vice-chancellorship. 1 .学术 Academic Development 成立酒店及旅游管理学院全港首间教学酒店动工 The School of Hotel and Tourism Management was established under the Faculty of Business Administration in July 1998 to cater to the growing need for senior executives in the hotel and tourism industry in Hong Kong and the neighbouring region; support from the New World Development Company was enlisted for the construction of an international four-star teaching hotel on campus to enable students to turn theory into practice. 成立中医学院 The School of Chinese Medicine was set up under the Faculty of Science in December 1998. 成立公共卫生学院 The School of Public Health was set up under the Faculty of Medicine in July 1999 to train medical practitioners to provide quality medical and preventive care at the community level. 应社会需要开设多项新课程 New academic programmes in language education, materials science, molecular biotechnology, quantitative finance, linguistics and intercultural studies, risk management, Internet engineering, and e-commerce etc. have been introduced to keep pace with changing social needs. 落实措施提升教学素质 To seek continuous improvement in teaching and learning quality, the University refined the course evaluation system to enhance its validity, restructured the teaching development unit into the Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research, and set up the Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award to give recognition to exemplary and innovative teaching. 积极改进学生的语文能力 To salvage the deteriorating Chinese and English language standards among local youths, the University introduced a four-tier language enhancement programme for its students in 1997 and reinvigorated its language enhancement courses. 推行更完善的通识教育课程 An overall review of the system of offering general education courses was conducted, resulting in a more structured curriculum with different elective areas for students in different years of study and a standardized total credit unit requirement of general education. 开设副学士学位课程 To respond to the government's call to raise the participation rate in post-secondary education to 60 per cent of the relevant age group, the School of Continuing Studies launched associate degree programmes in the summer of 2002, and is actively exploring joint-venture opportunities with local and overseas educational institutions to increase and diversify opportunities of higher education for senior secondary school leavers in Hong Kong. 2 .硏究 Research 成立中医中药研究所 The Institute of Chinese Medicine was established in January 2000 to pool the expertise of over 60 active researchers from the Faculties of Medicine, Science, and Engineering to undertake research in Chinese medicine. 设立架构支持科技转移 To encourage and regularize technology transfer activities among faculty members, the University approved a set of guidelines on patents and licensing in July 1997, expanded the Research Administration Office into a new Research and Technology Administration Office to co-ordinate the administration of research and technology transfer activities, and set up a Centre for Innovation and Technology under the Faculty of Engineering in 1999 to promote applied R&D and transfer new technologies developed by teachers of the faculty to industries and businesses. 三项研究计划当选全港卓越学科领域 Three projects at CUHK have been designated by the UGC as Areas of Excellence for funding support, namely, Plant and Fungal Biotechnology (the University's own project), Information Technology, and Chinese Medicine Research and Further Development (jointly with other UGC-funded universities). A ll three projects were chosen for their great potential in achieving an international standard of excellence and contributing to the social and economic well-being of Hong Kong. They are indicative of the high quality of research at the University. 获评「卓越」之研究计划数量为八所大学之冠 The University has so far produced the most projects with an 'excellent' rating by the Research Grants Council among all UGC-funded institutions. 研究资助局拨款额及研究生学额名列前茅 Over the last six years, the University has time and again received the largest amount of competitive earmarked research grants from the RGC, or achieved the highest score among the eight UGC-funded institutions in terms of the number of research projects supported, or been allotted the most graduate places from the UGC's competitive central pool. 3.国际关系 International Relations 中大生率先往内地实习 The first of its kind in local tertiary institutions, the China Career Development Award Programme was launched in 1996-1997 with Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Administrative College, Fudan University and Shanghai Administrative College to familiarize students with contemporary China and to prepare them for China-related careers. 促成中国大学校长联谊会 成立中大驻北京联络处 The University helped found the Association of University Presidents of China in 1997, which is a league of well-established research universities represented by their presidents or vice-chancellors. The University also set up the CUHK Beijing Liaison Office in Peking University in 1998 to foster links and cooperation with universities on the mainland. 内地生率先入读中大 The University was the first to recruit outstanding non-local undergraduate students from the mainland in 1998. The scheme has been highly successful in broadening the horizons of both mainland and local students, and facilitating their communication and mutual understanding. 大学全面国际化 The element of internationalism in the academic curriculum has been reinforced to better equip students for a globalized world. New collaboration and exchange agreements have been signed with prestigious universities, research centres, and international bodies across the world. Student exchange programmes have been expanded to provide more opportunities for overseas study and international exposure, and a larger number of overseas students have been admitted, enabling increased interaction among young people from different cultures on the University campus. 4 .行政 Administration 推行全校管理效率检讨 A university-wide review on management efficiency was launched in early 1997 to increase the efficiency and productivity of University units through the reengineering of procedures and processes and resource deployment. Internal audits, reviews, and efforts at restructuring and streamlining procedures have continued since. 管理效率获高度评价 A UGC Review Panel visited the University in 1999 to examine its management practices in areas including strategic direction, resource allocation, the effective implementation and monitoring of plans, the planning and development of human