Newsletter No. 209

Information in this section can only  be accessed with CWEM password .   若要浏览本部分的资料, 请须输入 中大校园电子邮件密码 。 2 No. 209 19th October 2002 CUHK Newsletter New General Science Centre Opens in Chung Chi TheTang Ngan Leng Centre for General Science Education, located on the top floor o f the Elisabet h Luce Moore Library o f Chung Chi College, was formally opened last month. The centre owes its establishment to the generous donation o f M r . and Mrs. Chan Chi-kin, Chung Chi College alumni 1966, and funding f r om the Chung Chi College Board o f Trustees. The centre is set up to promote general science education and raise student interest in science through activities such as solar and planetary observations, exhibitions o f scientific models, demonstrations o f experiments, seminars, workshops, and group discussions. It is we ll equipped w i th the latest facilities i n c l ud i ng a seven-inch solar telescope, wh i ch is the best o f its type in local universities. Officiating at the opening on 30th September were Mr. Karl C. Kwo k, chairman o f the Chung Chi Board o f Trustees, Prof. Rance P.L. Lee, head o f Chung Chi College, M r . and Mrs. Chan Chi-kin, donors o f the centre, and Prof. L ai Hon- ming, chairman o f the centre's management committee. Traf f ic and Ger iatr ic I n j u r i es in Focu s A week-long international symposium addressing Musculoskeletal Trauma o f Road Traffic Injuries and Geriatric Fall Injuries w i th special emphasis on the situations in Hong Ko ng and mainland China was held simultaneously in Hong Ko ng and Shanghai from 5th October. Organized b y the Asian Association for Dynamic Osteosynthesis ( AADO) in collaboration w i th the Wo r ld Health Organization (WHO ), the event marks the 10th anniversary o f the A A D O and is an event o f the WHO 's 'Bone and Joint Decade'. The guests o f honour, Mrs. Carrie Yau, Permanent Secretary for Health, Welfare, and Food o f the HKSAR, and the Hon. Tam Yiu-chung, chairman o f the Elderly Commissions, declared the opening o f the symposium held at the Jockey Club School o f Public Health at the Prince o f Wales Hospital. Founded in 1992, A A D O is an orthopaedic traumatology association dedicated to the advancement o f trauma care through research and education. Over the decade, the association has held annual symposiums and numerous workshops for the training o f orthopaedic traumatologists and trauma nurse s in Hong Ko ng and various Asian cities. The University's Department o f Orthopaedic and Traumatology has been a staunch supporter o f its activities. P e r s o n a l i a • 人 事 动 态 • P e r s o n a l i a • 人事动态‧ Personali a • 人