Newsletter No. 210

2 No. 210 4th November 2002 CUHK Newsletter Hong Kong Mi dd l e-agers Ae r ob i ca l ly Unf it A research project conducted jointly by the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education and the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics found the aerobic fitness of middle-aged adults in Hong Kong to be sub-standard compared to their Western counterparts. The aim of the research, which surveyed 316 adults aged 35 to 65 in Hong Kong, was to find out the relationship between phy s i cal fitness and heart disease risk factors among middle-agers in the territory. The participants took part in a t r eadm i ll exercise test for measuring physical fitness and a blood analysis for assessing heart disease risk factors. The study found that considerably large proportions of men and women were obese and demonstrated undesirable blood lipid profiles. It was also found that among all heart disease risk factors, fasting plasma glucose and triglycerides seem to be the most important ones that are affected by aerobic fitness. Researchers recommend that Hong Kong's middle-agers participate in periodic assessment in aerobic fitness and body composition and to engage in a regular aerobic exercise training programme. They should also lower the risk of heart disease by losing weight, as obesity is found to be the most important independent factor affecting the HDL level of Hong Kong middle-agers. Chun g Ch i Colleg e Turn s 5 1 C hung Chi College celebrated its 51st anniversary on 25th October, and held an Alumni Day on 26th October. As in the past, a Founders' Day Thanksgiving Service was held in the College Chapel. Mrs. Fanny Law, Permanent Secretary for Education and Manpower of the HKSAR, was the guest speaker. Mr. Karl C. Kwok, chairman of the College Board of Trustees, presented awards and scholarships to the students, and Mr. P.C. Luk, president of the Chung Chi College Alumni Association, presented a souvenir to the college on the occasion. Prior to the service, a time capsule capturing memorable moments of the College's Golden Jubilee celebration was laid at the Chung Chi College Administration Building Plaza, marking the official close of the Golden Jubilee celebration. The time capsule will be reopened on the College's 100th Founders' Day in 2051. The afternoon and evening featured a series of activities organized by the College Student Union, including a round-campus-run which started at the Lingnan Athletic Field, a singing contest, a tug-of-war, a fan fair, and the feast-for-a-thousand, a famous tradition which began in 1976. Then on the afternoon of 26th October, Chung Chi held its Alumni Day 2002. College alumni and their friends and families returned to the college for a campus tour, which was followed by a College Alumni Room house-warming party hosted by the head of the College in the College Administration Building. In the evening, alumni and their families gathered for a dinner held at the College Staff Club. Pentecostal Mission Hall Complex Formally Opened The opening ceremony of the Pentecostal Mission Hall Complex, Chung Chi College, was held on 21st October 2002. Originally the hostel for postgraduate students, the hall complex is now the latest student hostel for Chung Chi College after its one-year renovation that was funded by a generous donation from the Pentecostal Mission, Hong Kong and Kowloon. The hall complex has about 400 places in both double and single rooms. Officiating at the ceremony were Prof. Ambrose King, vice-chancellor, Mr. Karl C. Kwok, chairman of the Chung Chi College Board of Trustees, Mr. S.H. Sung, chairman and superintendent of the Pentecostal Mission, Hong Kong and Kowloon, Prof. Rance P.L. Lee, head of College, Prof. Fong Wing-Ping, chairman of the College Student Hostels Committee, and Miss Law Shuk-Man, president of the College Student Union. Launc h o fDAO — One-sto p Digita l Librar y Serv i ces The University Library System (ULS) launched on 9th October DAO—Digital Access Online, an online portal to the Digital Library that provides one-stop Digital Library services. In view of growing digitalization, the ULS is presenting the Library Catalogue, Subscribed Electronic Resources, Digital Library Initiatives, Eye on the World, Selected Internet Resources, etc. at DAO. Library users can also create their personalized library web pages — MyLibrary — through DAO by customizing their collections of web resources and services such as web search engines, library catalogues, e-journals, library e-forms, and alert services. To mark the launch of DAO, a series of activities were held on 9th October ill the University Library, including an online quiz, an e-resources quiz, seminars on Chinese databases and e-journals, and a DAO exhibition to let library users have a better understanding o f t h is new information gateway. NA Anniversary Run and Inauguration of Third Mentorship Programme N ew Asia College celebrated its 53rd anniversary on 12th October with a 'Happy Run' involving over 400 college alumni, staff, and students. The objective of the 7.5 km race from the New Asia Concourse to the Prince of Wales Hospital was to strengthen the college spirit among students, promote physical well-being, and provide a challenging sporting activity for all participants. After the race, Prof. Henry Wong, head of the College, and Prof. Fok Tai-fai, associate dean of the Faculty of Medicine, joined Prof. Thomas Male and Prof. Chan Tze Lock of the Department of Chemistry in presenting prizes to the winners. Then on 18th October, over a hundred mentors and mentees attended the inauguration ceremony of the Third Mentorship Programme of New Asia College at the teaching centre in the Bank of America Tower in Central. The c e r emony b e g a n w i t h a welcoming speech by Prof. Henry Wong, head of the College, followed by words of encouragement from Mr. Wong Kin-ping, p r e s i d e n t o f t h e C o l l e g e A l u m n i Association. A note of thanks was made t o Hang Seng Bank for its continuous support of the programme. From Protocol to Achievement S tudents of the Postgraduate Programme in Epidemiology and Biostatistics developed protocols that addressed various health topics including tuberculosis, Herpes Zoster, intrapartum ultrasomography and renovascular disease, ischaemic stroke, and childhood obesity over the last year. They presented the fruits of their labour on 25th June 2002 at the Prince of Wales Hospital. The Best Presentation Award went to Tse Pak Yiu's 'To Evaluate the Usefulness of Clinical History and Physical Findings in Predicting the Presence and the Severity of Obstructive Sleep Apena in Chinese Patients', while the Outstanding Presentation Awards went to Ng Man Fai's 'Urinary Incontinence in Elderly Women: Evaluation on the Accuracy of Clinical Diagnosis and Comparison of Treatment Outcomes of Pseudoephedrine and Pelvic Floor Exercise in an Incontinence Clinic' and Law Kwok Ming's 'Effect of Routine Intrapartum Ultrasonography on Pregnancy Outcome-A Randomized Controlled Trial'.