Newsletter No. 210

News 1
Two Wei Lun Public Lectures in October 1
New Way to Clean Water and Air 1
CUHK Executive MBA No. 1 Again in Asia 1
Clinical Trials Centre for Chinese Medicine Opens at Prince of Wales Hospital 1
Hong Kong Middle-agers Aerobically Unfit 2
Launch of DAO—One-stop Digital Library Services 2
From Protocol to Achievement 2
Chung Chi College Turns 51 2
Pentecostal Mission Hall Complex Formally Opened 2
NA Anniversary Run and Inauguration of Third Mentorship Programme 2
Osteoporosis Care Promoted 3
Service to the Community and International Organizations 3
New Department Heads 3
New Chair of the Department of Clinical Oncology Strives to Combat Cancer on All Fronts 3
Announcements 4
Search for the Vice-Chancellor 4
Professorial Appointments 4
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Schemes and MPFS 5
Annual Staff Review 5
Dinghy Sailing Course 5
Obituary 5
Personalia 6
New Books 8