Newsletter No. 213

Major Developments in Photonics on Campus TWO of the most technologically advanced laboratories in the territory dedicated to the research and development of optical science and technology opened in the Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building on campus on 16th November. They are the Institute of Optical Science and Technology and the Photonic Packaging Laboratory. The former w i l l develop research in optical science and technology, train specialists, and support technology transfer from academia to industry, while the latter, set up with HK$16.6 million from the Innovation and Technology Fund, is dedicated to the R&D of optical science and technology. Officiating at the opening were Mr. Francis Ho, permanent secretary for commerce, industry and technology (information technology and broadcasting) of the HKSAR, and Prof. Ambrose King, vice-chancellor of the University. On the same day preceding the opening ceremony, a forum on 'The Future of Photonics in Hong Kong' was organized. Over a hundred professionals and academic and research specialists in the optical science f i e l d we re i n attendance. Speakers included Prof. Charles K. Kao, former vice-chancellor of the University and 'Father of Fibre Optics'; Mr. C.D. Tam, chief executive officer of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation; Mr. L in Chi-hung, vice-president of Photonics Component Technology, the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd.; and Dr. Chinlon Lin, director designate of the Institute of Optical Science and Technology at CUHK. Wei Lun Public Lecture on Growth of Tsinghua Medical School P rof. Chen Mingzhe, vice-dean of medicine at Tsinghua University, outlined the development of Tsinghua University's medical school in a Wei Lun Public Lecture entitled 'The Development of Tsinghua University Medical School and Its Role in 21st Century China' on 12th November 2002 in the Postgraduate Education Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital. The history of modem medical education in China began with the establishment of its first medical school in 1866. According to Prof. Chen, changes in disease patterns and advances in science and technology in the 21st century wi ll have significant impact on health care reform, biotechnology revolution, and medical education in China. Inaugurated on 25th October 2001, the School of Medicine of Tsinghua University aims at training the best medical physicians and scientists and being the setter of standards of medical education in China. Prof. Chen Mingzhe (left) and Prof. Sydney Chung, dean of medicine First Commercialization of HK's Airborne Remote Sensing Data O n 22nd November, the University signed a license agreement w i th Satellite Devices Corporation at the JW Marriot Hotel for the commercialization of a technology developed by the Joint Laboratory for Geoinformation Science (JLGIS). The technology involves a 3-D geo-visualization system and database for infrared aerial photos and related documentation. It was developed from the first airborne remote sensing project conducted by a local university for developing Hong Kong's spatial data infrastructure, and can be applied to town planning, environmental protection, pollution control, and other commercial and industrial uses. P r e s ent at t he s i g n i ng ceremony were Prof. Kenneth Young (left 2), pro-vice-chancellor o f the University, Prof. L i n Hui ( left 1), director o f JLGIS, Mr. Bosco Pun (right 2), executive d i r ec t or o f Satellite Dev i ces Corporation, and Mr. Joseph L i u ( r i gh t 1),deputy CEO of Satellite Devices Corporation. The technology transfer was facilitated by the Un i ve r s i t y 's Research and Technology Administration Office. Nurses Discuss Impact of Global Issues on Their Profession O ver 400 nurses from Australia, the UK , Canada, Iran, Japan, Korea, mainland China, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, the US, and Hong Kong attended the Second Pan-Pacific Nursing Conference held by the Nethersole School of Nursing from 8th to 10th November to discuss global nursing developments. Themed 'Advancing Nursing Science in the Pan-Pacific Region', the conference took place in the Esther Lee Building. The conference provided a forum for nurses from different cultural backgrounds to explore global trends that impact on the nursing profession, such as advances in health care technology, constrained economies, and increasing demands for improving the health care system. Three keynote lectures were delivered by Prof. Genevieve Gray f r om Canada, and Prof. Ada Sue Hinshaw and Prof. A f a f I b r ah im Meleis f r om the US, wh i ch deal respectively with global perspectives that impact on nursing practice, strategies for advancing nursing k n ow l e d ge and p r a c t i c e, and s t r a t e g i c d e v e l o p m e nt a nd pos i t i on i ng o f nursing in future health care delivery. Pharmacy Conference and New Drug Centre to Celebrate 10th Anniversary T h e School of Pharmacy celebrated its 10th anniversary and the opening of its Drug Development Centre on 23rd November with an opening ceremony in the morning and the conference 'Pharmacy, Research, and Drug Development: Impact on Individual and Society' in the afternoon. The conference was held in the Postgraduate Education Centre at the Prince of Wales Hospital. The drug centre was established to provide a complete spectrum of studies required to take an investigational drug to market. Located at the Prince of Wales Hospital, the centre takes advantage of the medical expertise of academic staff at the University and the Prince of Wales Hospital. This allows the centre access to a wide range of expert personnel, facilities and equipment for diverse investigational and analytical procedures. Guests officiating at the opening ceremony were Dr. Margaret Chan (left), director of the Department of Health, Dr. Cecilia Pang, biotechnology director of the Innovation and Technology Commission, Prof. Amb r ose K i ng (right), vice- chancellor of the University, Prof. T.K. Fok, acting dean o f the Faculty o f Medicine, and Prof. Moses Chow (middle), director of the School of Pharmacy. CUHK-HEC Reciprocal Recognition of Credits O n 13th November, the launch of a cooperative MBA Programme by CUHK and the HEC School of Management, Paris, was announced in the MBA Town Centre. The announcement was made jointly by Prof. Vincent Lai, associate dean of the Faculty o f Business Administration and M BA director, and Mr. Joshua Kobb, development director of the HEC School of Management. Participants of the cooperative programme who fulfil the graduation requirements of both institutions w i l l be awarded an M BA degree from both. HEC is one of Europe's most prestigious business schools. For students at CUHK, the reciprocal recognition of credits is offered to full-time M BA students. 2 No. 213 19th December 2002