Newsletter No. 216

Support for Nine More Research Projects T he following research projects undertaken by staff members of the University have succeeded in obtaining funding suppor t from various sources : • TROHI Project on Statutory Medical Examination in Occupational Health (HK$69,000) Sponsor. Occupationa l Safet y Health Counci l Principal investigator. Prof . Wong Tze Wai (Department o f Community an d Family Medicine ) • Men's Health Survey (HK$100,000) Sponsor: Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong Ltd . Principal investigator: Prof . Edith Lau (Department o f Community an d Family Medicine ) • Survey of Community Attitudes to Waste Reduction and Recycling (HK$37 ,500) Sponsor: Environmen t an d Conservation Fun d Principal investigator. Prof . Ng Sai-leun g (Department o f Geography an d Resource Management ) • Needs Assessment o f Unemployed Youth in Hong Kong (HK$380,000 ) Sponsor. The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trus t Principal investigator. Prof . Joseph Lau Tak-fai (Centre for Clinical Trials and Epidemiological Research ) • Effect of Pre-exercise Glycemic Index Meals on Running Performance (HK$120,000) Sponsor. Hon g Kong Sport s Development Boar d Research Programme Principal investigator. Prof . Stephe n Wong Heung-san g (Departmen t o f Sport s Scienc e an d Physica l Education) • Analysis of Muscle Recruitment of Wushu Athletes: A Study on Tai Chi Chuan (HK$120,000) Sponsor. Hon g Kong Sport s Developmen t Boar d Research Programme Principal investigator. Prof . Hong Youlian (Department o f Sports Science and Physical Education ) • Towards Multi-modal Human-Computer Dialogue Interactions with Minimally Intrusive Biometric Security Function s (HK$4,000,000 ) Sponsor: Researc h Grants Counci l Principal investigator: Prof . Helen Meng Mei-ling (Departmen t o f Systems Engineering and Engineering Management) • Hepatocellular Carcinoma Research Group: Clinical Applications of Functional Genomics (HK$4,000,000) Sponsor: Researc h Grants Counci l Principal investigator: Prof . Nathalie Wong (Department o f Clinical Oncology ) • The Completion Project of all Ongoing CHANT (CHinese ANcient Texts) (HK$1,500,000) Sponsor: Researc h Grants Counci l Principal investigator: Prof . Ho Che-wah (Institute o f Chinese Studies ) Chemistry Paper Dedicated to Dr. Daniel Y. Chang A paper wit h a frontispiece dedicate d t o th e memory o f the lat e Dr . Danie l Y. Chang (张 仪尊), forme r chairma n o f th e Departmen t o f Chemistry a t New Asi a College , b y Dr . Quan - M i n g Wan g an d Prof . Thoma s C.W . Ma k , appeared i n issu e No . 1 , 2003 o f Chemistry — A European Journal. Since 199 7 Prof . Ma k an d his student s hav e carried ou t systemati c studie s o n th e designe d synthesis o f nove l mu l t i p l e salt s o f silve r containing th e highl y explosiv e silve r acetylide , Ag 2 C 2 , a s a component. I n th e crysta l structure s of this clas s o f complexes , th e dumb-bell-shape d C 2 2- dianio n is invariably full y encapsulate d inside a silver polyhedro n o f si x t o nine vertices tha t ca n be stabilized by suitably chosen anionic an d neutral ligands. I n the present repor t th e influenc e o f siz e of variou s crow n ether s o n the assembl y o f suc h silver polyhedr a i n a series o f crystallin e doubl e salts wa s studied , an d the effec t o f differen t coexisting perfluorocarboxylate anion s wa s als o investigated. Dr. Wang received his Ph.D. in chemistry in 2001 under the supervision of Prof. Mak and stayed on for another yea r as a postdoctoral research fellow. Prof . Mak retired from the Chemistry Department last year after 3 3 year s o f servic e t o tak e u p hi s presen t appointment a s research professor. 文物馆展览 Art Museum Exhibition 「合璧联珠——乐常在轩藏清代 楹联」展览将于三月一日至五月四 日在文物馆西翼展览厅举行,欢迎 参观。 开幕礼于二月二十八日(星期 五)下午四时半举行,由杨铁梁爵 士及饶宗颐教授主礼,金耀基校长 主持。 书写在纸绢上的楹联,讲究平 仄对偶,与文学、金石学、文字学 及书法艺术的关系非常密切,在清 代盛极一时。 展品共一百五十项,佳构琳琅,出自书法家邓石如、伊 秉绶、包世臣、何绍基;诗人朱彝尊、张问陶;王侯显宦成 亲王、刘墉;画家王时敏、金农、郑板桥等。全部展品精选 自乐常在轩之珍藏,乐常在轩主人黄仲方先生为著名山水画 家。此展览亦为志庆大学四十周年而设;于香港展出后,将 安排于美国巡回展出。 由文物馆出版的展览图录,彩版精印全部展品,各附详 尽中英文说明;另收录美国马利兰大学郭继生教授、圣巴巴 拉加州大学艾朗诺教授、石慢教授和中大莫家良教授的学术 论文。图录约四百五十页,分精装本及平装本。 A n exhibition on Double Beauty: Q i ng Dynasty Couplets f r om the L e c h a n g z ai X u a n Co l l e c t i o n' w i l l be held f r om 1st March to 4th May 2003 at the West Wing Galleries of the A rt Museum. The Hon. Sir T.L. Yang, and Prof. Jao Tsung-I, Wei Lun Honorary Professor, w i ll officiate at the opening ceremony, to be held at 4.30 p.m. on Friday, 28th February 2003. It w i ll be hosted by Prof. Ambrose King, vice-chancellor. On display w i l l be a selection of 150 couplets from the Lechangzai Xuan Collection of Mr. Harold Wong, a renowned landscape painter. The exhibition is also organized to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the University, and w i ll later tour in the United States. The Chinese couplet is a rich and unique art form that has been made possible by one aspect of the classical Chinese literary tradition, namely the extensive use of parallelism. Incorporating literature, epigraphy, philology and the art of calligraphy, it becomes increasingly popular as an art form that represents exclusively the calligraphy of the Qing Dynasty. In the Qing period, artists, scholars, officials and even emperors composed couplets. They were not only works of art but demonstrations of the artists' wit. With its role of combining aesthetic value with social function, the Chinese couplet is important and unique in featuring the visual culture of late imperial China. There are 150 works by 140 we l l - k n own artists. The catalogue for the exhibition consists of full colour plates of the 150 selected couplets and the research on each exhibit written by graduate students from the United States and Taiwan. Four scholarly essays by Prof. Jason Kuo from Maryland University, Prof. Ronald Egan and Prof. Peter Sturman from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and Prof. Harold Mok from The Chinese University of Hong Kong are included as a guide to the readers. 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