Newsletter No. 222

OBITUARY The Chines e Universit y o f Hon g Kon g records with deep sadness the passing away of Dr. Ts e Yuen-man , a 199 2 M.B . Ch.B . graduate (United College), on 13th May 2003. Dr. Tse was a specialist physician at Tuen Mun Hospital. Sh e had volunteered to attend SARS patients soo n afte r th e outbrea k o f th e epidemic an d unfortunately contracte d th e disease while caring for her patients. Those wh o kno w Dr . Ts e hav e a hig h regard for her professionalism and her selfless dedication t o her duties. Her untimel y deat h is mourned by all her friends, former teachers and other members of the University; her acts of honou r an d bravery an d her remarkabl e contribution to the medical profession and the community-at-large wil l be long remembered on this campus. We extend to Dr. Tse's family our deepes t sympathies. The Chines e University of Hong Kon g 13th May 2003 Eng i neer i ng Paper Wi ns SIAM Ou t s t and i ng Paper Awa rd A paper co-authored by three academics at the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, Prof. Davi d Yao , Prof . Zhan g Shuzhong , an d Prof. Zho u Xunyu, has been selected as the winner o f this year's SIA M Outstanding Pape r Prize . Entitle d 'Stochasti c Linear - Quadratic Control via Semidefinite Programming', the paper was publishe d i n th e SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, volum e 40 (2001) . SIAM i s an abbreviation fo r the Societ y fo r Industria l and Applied Mathematics . Wit h a membership o f 9,00 0 individual and 400 institutional members worldwide, SIAM' s policy is to advance and promote the research and application of mathematics an d computational scienc e to engineering , industry, science , and society. The SIAM Outstanding Paper Prizes wer e introduced i n 199 9 and are awarded annually . Three winner s ar e selected each year among all the papers published in the 1 3 SIAM journals i n the four years prior t o the year of the award. Biology Students Receive Croucher Scholarships to Study at Top Universities Abroad F our final year M.Phil, students in the Department of Biology were awarded the prestigious Croucher Foundation Overseas Scholarships thi s year to pursue Ph.D. studies at top universities in the US, UK, and Germany. With full financial suppor t from the Croucher Foundation, (from left) Mis s Chow Shuk-man , Mr. Lau On- sun, Mr. Li Chee-ho , and Miss Ng Wai-yan will attend graduate programmes at the Universit y o f Californi a a t Berkeley, Yale University , th e Universit y o f Heidelberg, and Cambridge University respectively. Two M.Phil graduate s from the Department o f Biology wer e awarded the same scholarship las t year. Mis s Chow Cheung-min g an d Mr . Won g Pi u ar e now Ph.D . student s a t Oxfor d University an d Stanford University respectively . Among these six awardees , five ar e graduate student s associated with the UGC Area of Excellence (AoE) on Plant and Fungal Biotechnology administered by th e Department o f Biology, CUHK . The y hav e al l received or ar e undergoing training i n the field of plant biotechnology . 宣布事项 ANNOUNCEMENTS 新任学院院长 New Faculty Deans Elected •课程与教学学系李子建教授获选为教育学院院长,任期三 年,由二零零三年八月一日起生效。 •物理系材料科学讲座教授刘焕明教授获选为理学院院长,任 期三年,由二零零三年八月一日起生效。 • Prof . John Lee Chi-kin, professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, has been elected as Dean of Education for a term of three years from 1s t August 2003. • Prof . Leo W.M. Lau , professor of materials science at the Department of Physics, has been elected as Dean of Science for a term of three years from 1 st August 2003. 联合书院六名校董连任 Re-election of Members of the UC Board of Trustees 联合书院校董会公布,陈曾焘博士、郑裕彤博士、蔡冠深先生、李兆基博士和 岑启基先生最近获选连任书院校董,任期三年,由二零零三年八月一日至二零零六 年七月卅一日止。 该院校董会亦接纳张煊昌博士连任校董会校董兼副主席,任期追溯至二零零三 年三月二十日起计,与其大学校董任期相同。 The Boar d o f Trustee s o f United Colleg e re-electe d the followin g person s t o it s membership fo r a further term of three years from 1 st August 2003 to 31st July 2006. • Dr . Thomas Chen Tseng Tao • Dr . Cheng Yu Tung • Mr . Cho i Koon Sum • Mr . Lee Shau Kee • Mr . Robert Shum Kai Kee The board simultaneously re-electe d Dr. Thomas H.C. Cheung as Trustee and vice-chairman of the board with retroactive effect from 20th March 2003, and for the length of his membership of the Council of The Chinese University . 哈佛燕京学社进修资助计划 Scholarships/Fellowships at the Harvard-Yenching Institute 哈佛燕京学社现接受本校人文学科及社会科学教员申请二零零四至二零零五年 度进修资助计划,详情如下∶ (一)访问学人资助计划 此计划资助教员前往哈佛大学进修或从事研究工作,为期一年。学位课程及实 用学科如工商管理、图书馆学、实用法学等不在资助之列。申请人必须有四年 教学经验,操流利英语,并于二零零三年九月一日时未满四十二岁。 资助项目包括单人来回机票、生活津贴(以十一个月为限)、医疗及保险。 (二)博士研究奖学金计划 此计划资助资历较浅之教员前往哈佛大学或其他海外大学进修博士学位课程。实用 学科如工商管理、图书馆学、大众传播、英语教学、社会工作等不在资助之列。 受资助教员进修完毕,须返回原来所属大学任教。申请 者须于本年十月或以前参加托福考试 (TOEFL) 及报考美国大学 毕业生试 (GRE) ,并获哈佛或其他海外大学录取为博士研究生 (录取通知书可于稍后呈交)。 奖学金为期一学年,期满可申请延续。资助项目包括交 通、学费、医疗及生活津贴。 (三)访问研究员资助计划 此计划资助博士研究生前往哈佛大学从事研究工作,为期一年。从事有关东亚 研究之申请人将获优先考虑。自然科学学科及实用学科如工商管理、图书馆 学、英语教学等不在资助之列。 受资助教员进修完毕,须返回原来所属大学任教。申请者须于本年十月或以前 参加托福考试 (TOEFL)。 资助项目包括交通、访问硏究员津贴及生活津贴。 申请人须把申请表格、假期申请表,以及有关文件,于二零零三年七月十八日 或以前经有关学系系主任及学院院长送交人事主任卢杜燕萍女士,俾转呈校内有关 委员会考虑。计划详情及申请表格可于人事处网页 ( res/webtrinf/extemal.htm) 下载。 哈佛燕京学社之代表将于本年秋季来港接见经大学推荐之申请人。查询可致电 人事处(内线七一九一或七二八八)。 Applications/nominations ar e now invite d from facult y member s i n the humanitie s and social sciences for the following three Harvard-Yenching Programmes tenable i n 2004-5: 1. Visiting Scholars Programme This programme offer s one-year fellowships t o regular facult y members i n the humanities or social sciences to study and conduct research at Harvard University, USA. Applied fields o f studies suc h as business management, librar y science , and the more practical aspects of law, etc. are excluded. The study o r research should not lead to a degree. Candidates mus t —be age d 42 or under on 1s t September 2003 ; —have been teaching for four years prior to the year for which they are applying for the fellowship ; —and speak fluent English . The award covers round-trip airfare for the successful applicant, a monthly stipend for up to 1 1 months, fees for health insurance and the use of the Harvard Clinic. 2. Doctoral Scholarship Programme This programme supports junior facult y members to pursue Ph.D. studies in the humanities o r socia l sciences . Applie d field s o f studie s suc h a s busines s management, library science, mass communications, teaching English as a foreign language, social work, etc. are excluded. Candidates mus t —be regular faculty members who will return to teach at their home universities upon completion of their studies ; 2 No. 229 19thMay 2003