Newsletter No. 223

News 1
CUHK Invited to Formulate Hygiene Charters for Hong Kong 1
Research Model for the SARS Epidemic Constructed 1
SARS Leads to Mood Disorders, Survey Finds 1
Friends and Alumni Remember SARS Doctor 1
Anti-SARS Activities: A Quick Run-through 2
UC Berkeley Delegates Visit CUHK 2
CEO of HSBC on Leadership and the Future 2
Architecture Exhibition Calls for Interest in Surroundings 2
Announcements 3
General Arrangements for Typhoon and Rainstorm Warning 3
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Schemes and MPFS 3
Call for Donation to New 'United College Dr. Tse Yuen Man Memorial Scholarship' 3
Resident Tutor Vacancies at Postgraduate Halls 3
Royal Park/Royal Plaza Hotel Cash Coupons 3
Features 4
Words of Gratitude on Their Winning Ways 4
Personalia 6
New Books 6