Newsletter No. 231

News 1
Seven Distinguished Persons to Be Honoured by CUHK 1
Seven Distinguished Persons to be Honoured at the 60th Congregation: Profiles of 2003 Honorary Graduands 5
Qualify of Life in the Limelight: Quality of Life in a Global World International Conference 1
Qualify of Life in the Limelight: Quality of Life Index for Hong Kong 1
Upcoming Anniversary Celebrations 1
First Symposium of School of Public Health 2
New Centre to Advance Mobile Phone Technology 2
New and Better Treatment of Emphysemous Patients 2
New Marine Science Laboratory Formally Named After Dr. Simon F.S. Li 2
Support for 10 Research Projects 2
Intensive Programme on Epidemiology of Infectious Dieases 3
Experimental Station Opens on Campus to Study Physical Geography 3
Joint R&D in Allergic Rhinitis-Relieving Chinese Medicine Formula 3
EMBA Forum: The ABCs of Public Speaking 3
The Chinese Student Weekly Reunion 4
First Chinese Speaking Contest 4
Riding the Crest of a Wave 4
HKIAPS New Book 4
Personalia 4
Announcements 9
Amendment to the University Statutes 9
Staff Review of Non-teaching Staff Members 9
Professorial Inaugural Lecture 9
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Schemes and MPFS 9
Library Opening Hours During Christmas and New Year Holidays 9
CUTA Council and Exco Membership 9
CUHK Staff Ball 9
Art Museum Book Sale 9