Newsletter No. 235

News 1
More on SARS: Telling the Complete Story of the SARS-coronavirus 1
More on SARS: Genes May Hold Answer to Variations in SARS Susceptibility 1
More on SARS: Mainland SARS Expert Shares Ideas and Experience 1
More on SARS: WE CARE Foundation Makes Graceful Exit 1
Upcoming Anniversary Celebration 1
Inauguration of New Centre for Infectious Diseases 2
NIH Grant Lands Traditional Chinese Medicine Research on World Stage 2
Medical Breakthroughs: Restoring Hearing to NPC Patients 2
Medical Breakthroughs: Cloning of New Gene Means New Hope for Cystic Fibrosis 2
Medical Breakthroughs: Advances in Care and Monitoring of Childhood Asthma 2
Support for Five Projects 3
Forum Explores Ways to Boost Entrepreneurship in HK 3
Two Faculties Honour Outstanding Teachers and Students: Social Science Faculty 3
Two Faculties Honour Outstanding Teachers and Students: Science Faculty 3
Executive Training for Tourism and Hospitality Talent in South China 3
A Moment of Frankness with Michael Sze 4
Academic Activities at Chung Chi College 4
Exhibition Traces Changing Role of Women 4
Research Centre for Translation New Books 4
Features 5
All for the Sake of English: New ELTU Head on Strategies to Improve the English of CUHK Students 5
Announcements 6
Staff Development Grants 6
Visa Extension 6
MPFS—Change of Employee Voluntary Contribution 6
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Schemes and MPFS 6
Health Screening Programme 6
Putonghua and Cantonese Courses for CU Staff and Their Spouses 7
Hepatitis Awareness Campaign 7
Art Museum News 7
Personalia 9
New Books 8