Newsletter No. 238

News 1
University Presidents' Global Forum 2004 1
No Significant Human Reservoir for SARS Infection in Hong Kong, Study Shows 1
Another Rhodes Scholar from CUHK 1
Long Service Award 2003 1
Opening of Cancer Symposium and Cheque Presentation 1
Medical Faculty Announces Major Initiatives 2
CUHK as Incubator for Budding Belgian Entrepreneurs 2
Advances in Chinese Medicine Research: Second UGC AoE Workshop 2
Advances in Chinese Medicine Research: International Symposium on Complementarity of Chinese and Western Medicines 2
Advances in Chinese Medicine Research: New Chinese Cardiac Medicine 2
Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research New Publication 3
Personalia 3
Announcements 4
Introduction of New Programmes 4
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Schemes and MPFS 4
Music Programmes 4
Summer Sports Programme 2004 4
University Swimming Pool Re-opens 4
Commencement of Slope Stabilization Works 3