Newsletter No. 253

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E-Newsletter Abstract 1
Volume 1 No. 14 1
CUHK Highly Rated and to Be Awarded Largest Funding from UGC 1
CUHK Student Wins Gold at Hang Lung Mathematics Awards 1
Astronaut Yang Liwei Encouraged CUHK to 'Reach out to the World' 1
Department of Economics Tops Ranking 1
ICCM Explores Math Studies and Its Future 1
Chemistry Ph.D. Candidate Wins Poster Award 1
Merrill Lynch Donates to CUHK to Improve Academic Exchange in Greater China 2
Celebration for Social Work Graduates 2
Nervous System the Focus of International Meeting Brain 2004 2
Service to the Community and International Organizations 2
Personalia 3
Announcements 4
Distinguished Professor-at-Large 4
Exemplary Service Award 2004–2005 4
Staffing Arrangements on Chinese New Year's Eve 4
Library Opening Hours During Chinese New Year Holidays 4
Removal Notice 4
HKIER New Publications 5