Newsletter No. 256

CUBA Team Won Business Administration Paper Competition A team of year-3 CUBA students won this year's Business Administration Paper Competition organized by The Hong Kong Federation of Business Students. They were Catherine Chan, Ceci Yau and Steve Leung f r om the Department o f Finance, and Christine Cheung of the BBA Programme. Their marketing objective was to convince target customers that their client insurance c omp a ny was the mo st c a r i ng and professional global insurer to be relied on as life partner. Over 140 teams w i th more than 500 business students f r om the eight local institutions joined the competition, which has already become an annual event wi de ly supported by the commercial sector and the government. Participants had to submit a three- year marketing plan for the life insurance division of an insurance company. Each institution selected a representative team to participate in the semi-final on 4th February. The CU students, together with the Baptist, UST and PolyU teams, entered the final round. The four Hong Kong finalists would be joined by an invited team from Beijing's Tsinghua University. To prepare for the final round on 19th February, wh i ch consisted o f an oral presentation, a question-and-answer session and a debate between two final contestants, Prof. Stella So and Prof. Gordon Cheung were invited to coach the team in presentation skills. Chaired by legislator the Honourable Bernard Chan, JP, the evaluation committee short-listed the CU and Baptist teams for the debate. The two were well-matched and it took the committee much time deliberating before they could decide to grant the championship as well as the cash prize of HK$8,000 and diamond pearl pendants worth HK$5,000 to the CU team. US Consul General Speaks on WTO and Hong Kong' s Strengths M r. James Keith, Consul General of the United States of America in Hong Kong, believed that Hong Kong should continue to build on its s t r e n g t hs w i t h the recovery of its economy. Mr. Keith was invited by the Chinese University to give a lecture titled 'TheWTO and Beyond: B u i l d i n g on H o n g Kong 's Strengths' at Cho Y i u Ha l l on 7th March. He talked about the prospects of the 6th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization in Hong Kong in the coming December and the future of US-HK bilateral trade agenda. He also emphasized that the real strengths of the Hong Kong economy 'continues to be its commitment to the rule of law and civil society; the free flow of information; and an accomplished work force w i th superior language skills and professional credentials.' Service to the Community and International Organizations • Prof. Tung Ho Suk Ching, professor in the Department of Marketing, has been appointed by the Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food as a member of the Marketing Advisory Board for one year from 15th February 2005. • Prof. Kwok Sill Tong, professor in the Department of History, has been appointed as a member of the Committee on Museums (博物馆委员 会) for two years from 1 st November 2004. He has also been appointed as a member of the Stamp Advisory Committee (邮票谘询委员会) for two years from 20th April 2004. • Prof. Yue On Ching, visiting professor in the Department of Information Engineering, has been invited by the Hong Kong Police Force as a member of the Advisory Panel on Future Communication Strategy. • Prof. Diana T.F. Lee, professor in the Nethersole School of Nursing, has been re-appointed by the Nursing Council of Hong Kong as aco-optedmember of the Accreditation Committee for two years from 1st March 2005. • Prof. Wong Tze-wai, professor in the Department of Community and Family Medicine, has been appointed as an honorary research fellow of Croucher Institute for Environmental Science (CIES) of Hong Kong Baptist University for one year from 1st March 2005. Award • Prof. Paul K.S. Chan, professor in the Department of Microbiology, has been admitted as Fellow of The Royal College of Pathologists on 4th January 2005. ( I n f o r m a t i o n in this section is provided by the Information and Public Relations Office. Contributions should be sent direct to that office for registration and verification before publication.) 宣 布 事项 ANNOUNCEMENTS 中央道延长单程西行路段并新辟停车位 Extension of One-way West-bound Traffic at Central Avenue and Relocation of Parking Spaces 李达三楼将由二零零五年四月拆卸重建为八 层高的教研楼,预期于二零零八年第三季落成。 施工期间,区内部分泊车位将予取消。为添补中部校园泊 车位,行政事务委员会决定施行下列措施: ( 一)由三月二十七日(星期日)起,中央道单程西向行车路 段由新亚路交汇处起延长至大学图书馆后停车场入口, 腾出一条行车线供车辆停泊。 ( 二)因上述改动,中央道由山村径起至大学图书馆后停车场 入口之路段改为单程西向行车。 ( 三)新辟准许泊车之中央道部分路段,设置适当交通标志并 划定泊车位,方便驾驶人士。 ( 四)大学职员下班离校巴士在中央道的候车处,由三月二十 九 日 起迁往富尔敦楼停车场。 ( 五)二零零八年李达三楼发展计划接近完成时,行政事务委 员会再行检讨上述措施。 Li Dam Sum Building is to be demolished in April 2005 and redeveloped into a new eight-storey academic block. The proposed building is expected to be completed within the third quarter of 2008. During the said construction, some parking spaces in the area will be cancelled. To provide sufficient spaces for parking in the central campus during this period, AAC has decided to implement the following measures: (i) With effect from Sunday, 27th March 2005, the one-way west-bound traffic for Central Avenue will be extended up to the entrance to the car park behind the University Library, and thus allocating one lane for parking. (ii) As a result of the above change, the section of Central Avenue from Village Path up to the car park behind the University Library will become one-way west-bound only. (iii) The part of Central Avenue to be designated for parking will be properly marked for the convenience of campus drivers. (iv) Existing waiting site for the university staff's after-work city-bound buses on Central Avenue will be relocated to the John Fulton car park from 29th March 2005. (v) AAC shall review the above measures shortly before the redevelopment project's completion in 2008. Microsoft FaceIT Seminar The Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) will organize a seminar on 'Microsoft FaceIT' on 23rd March to update the latest technology and development in Internet security, enterprise application and system management. There will also be an open forum for staff to discuss with the experts from Microsoft about the IT industry and possible career paths. The seminar will be held at the Lecture Theatre 6, Lady Shaw Building. The morning session (9.30 a.m. — noon, mainly for staff, students are also welcome) will focus on: 1. Security@Microsoft Introduction of how Microsoft IT protects Microsoft internally by using various technology and processes. It will cover wireless, PKI, remote access, trustworthy messaging, etc. 2. Enterprise Application@Microsoft Discussion on how Microsoft IT developed and deployed an internal Web services solution to provide an enterprise infrastructure for managing Web services across line-of- business applications at Microsoft. Also a few examples like how Microsoft uses the web to deliver training and online assessment. 3. System Management@Microsoft Overview of Microsoft's use of Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) in the Microsoft IT data centre as its key enterprise infrastructure and applications monitoring tool. It will also cover how Microsoft IT deployed SMS 2003 to its desktop environment. Microsoft IT turned to SMS 2003 to manage the application deployment process, improve hardware and software asset management, and to manage the deployment of security and software updates across the enterprise. The afternoon session (2.30 p.m. - 3.30 p.m., mainly for students, staff are also welcome) will discuss about: 1. Security@Microsoft 2. Open Forum General discussion of IT industry as a whole and sharing of the speakers' career path. To reserve a seat, please register now at ITSC Training Programmes: 出版事务处迁址启事 Notice of Office Move 出版事务处已于三月九日迁往大学行政楼南座一楼 办公,电话及传真号码不变。 The Publication Office has been relocated to G/F, South Wing, University Administration Building from 9th March 2005. Telephone and fax numbers remain unchanged. 2 No. 256 19thMarch 2005